Blizzard has just sent us a mysterious invitation for an upcoming stream which we assume to be the next adventure announcement. Adorned with neon music symbols, drinks, and feathers (Medivh is that you?) the invite smells a bit like Karazhan.

"Your valiant effort and masterful display of strategy in channeling the power of the Old Gods has won you the admiration of people across Azeroth," the invitation reads. "We would be honored if you would join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that will be full of magic and celebration."

It continues, "We also have something very special in store for you! Please be prompt, as we have an unforgettable adventure planned!" [Ed note: Emphasis ours]

The stream is set to take place next Thursday, July 28 at 11 PM PDT. We've confirmed with Blizzard that this is the correct time, it is not meant to be 11 AM.

The email also mentions ChinaJoy, an annual gaming expo held in Shanghai.