Like concept art? Like new Un'Goro cards? You're in luck.

Yet another Hearthside Chat was published this morning with this one highlighting the effort behind Blizzard's internal art team. The crew discusses creating the Tortollans, the Adapt mechanic, and just about every feature of Journey to Un'Goro.

It's incredibly interesting, but for those that aren't engrossed by this sort of thing, three new cards were released alongside it.

Meet Tortollan Primalist, Spikeridged Steed, and Cornered Sentry! After your done with that, check out the full Hearthside Chat below.

There's a ton of great Hearthstone art that you don't want to miss!

NEUTRAL__UNG_088_enUS_TortollanPrimalist.pngPALADIN__UNG_952_enUS_SpikeridgedSteed.png WARRIOR__UNG_926_enUS_CorneredSentry.png

Here are the tokens. Note: Stegodon has a rarity and is likely a card itself as well.

Hearthside Chat: The Art of Journey to Un'Goro

Originally posted by Blizzard.

Hearthside Chat: The Art of Journey to Un'Goro

During the early stages of development for Journey to Un’Goro, the Hearthstone art team spent some time creating an initial pass at what an expedition through the primal lands of Azeroth might look like. To learn more about the visual challenges that needed to be met as Journey to Un'goro took form, we sat down with Hearthstone Concept Artists Jerry Mascho, Jomaro Kindred, and Charlene Le Scanff.


Back to Top"Elise the Trailblazer" 

We had a great deal of fun exploring the Scout Leader outfit for Elise Starseeker! We wanted to make something that would identify her as Scout Leader but like it could/should exist in the Hearthstone Universe! We looked for unique ways to display merit badges on the Junior Explorers too, aside from the typical sash, and we ultimately decided to go with a leather shoulder pad that the scout could stich that badges to.

- Jomaro Kindred, Senior Concept Artist


Back to Top"The Murloc Test" 

With each new expansion, we do what we call a ‘Murloc Test’ and Un’Goro was no exception. Here are a few ideas for a primal Murloc that might roam the jungles.

- Jerry Mascho, Senior Concept Artist



Back to Top"...DINOSAURS!" 

I can tell you that all the artists on the Hearthstone team were brimming with excitement when we found out about Journey to Un’Goro—‘YESSS! We get to paint BADASS DINOSAURS!'

Since we were going to a more primordial area, I thought it would be fun to pay homage to the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. I haven’t been able to catch it in World of Warcraft, but at least I could possibly have a Hearthstone card featuring it! So how do you make something that feels more menacing than a Devilsaur? You make it larger, slap huge active volcanos on its back, and make it drool molten magma, of course!

- Jomaro Kindred, Senior Concept Artist


Back to Top"Adaptation" 

We spoke a lot about what the adaptation concept could be in Un’Goro. Basically, we wanted this capacity to be related to elementary evolution. What would these various and different transformations look like on the same dinosaur?

- Charlene Le Scanff, Concept Artist


Back to Top"Adapt in Gameplay" 

After exploring how different elements could affect our creatures, we wanted to see how to best illustrate the gameplay effects of Adapt from an anatomical point of view: carapace for increased health, wing for Windfury, and so on.

- Charlene Le Scanff, Concept Artist


Back to Top"Brutal Bestiary" 

Elementals are an important part of the Un’Goro lore: you must imagine a wild land where the elements meet each other to form a brutal, powerful bestiary. Among these various elements, steam and rock seemed to be an obvious combination to explore.

- Charlene Le Scanff, Concept Artist


Back to Top"An Epic Scale" 

When we first started working on Journey to Un’Goro, the environments were a big part of what we could use to pull everything together and sell an epic scale for the card art. These are a few sketches that showed some ancient plants and jungle fauna to find what we wanted to portray.

- Jerry Mascho, Senior Concept Artist


Back to Top"Voracious Vegetation" 

Charlene had some great ideas for the plants in Un’Goro—these really helped give the vegetation a lot of character and reinforce what this new jungle environment would look like in Hearthstone.

- Jerry Mascho, Senior Concept Artist


Back to Top"The Tortollans were born." 

The designers wanted us to explore the idea of a tribal group and we thought it would be fun to introduce a new race based on some ancient turtle creatures. So, the Tortollans were born. This sketch shows what a shaman and brute might look like in their culture. Fish as a weapon?! They . . . aren’t very clever.

- Jerry Mascho, Senior Concept Artist


Back to Top"Tortollan Primalist and Spikeridge Steed" 

We picked these two cards because they’re great illustrations that captured the fun aspect of the new Tortollan creatures. A Tortollan riding a dinosaur into battle and a floating mystic casting a spell—so good!

- Jerry Mascho, Senior Concept Artist


Back to Top"What's this?!" 

I was lucky enough to be assigned one of the Tortollans for a card art illustration. This little guy was a lot of fun to work on; here’s a look at the sketch I started with and the approved painting.

- Jerry Mascho, Senior Concept Artist



Back to Top"Cornered Sentry" 

For the Cornered Sentry card art, we wanted to show the second adventurer who has traveled back in time, holding off three small raptors. This was a blast to work on. I mean, what illustrator wouldn’t love painting dinos and Draenei?!

- Jomaro Kindred, Senior Concept Artist

Thanks for checking out the early concept work for Journey to Un’Goro! We hope you had as much fun getting a behind-the-scenes look as we had working on the new expansion. See you on the expedition!