Dave Kosak reveals some cool details and offers a peek at what's to come in August.

Blizzard has released a new Hearthside Chat with Game Designer Dave Kosak where he discusses the upcoming adventure content in Knights of the Frozen Throne. He confirms a few fun details including the announcement of the Young Prince Arthas hero skin for Paladins which is rewarded for beating The Lich King with all nine classes.

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  • The Lich King will absolutely be breaking the first wall (and the rules) when you challenge him atop Icecrown Citadel.

  • Each class will have a different experience when facing him.

    • Mages have their Health set to 1 at the start of the match.

    • Paladins have their minions resummoned to fight against them when they die.

  • Beating The Lich King with all nine classes will reward the Prince Arthas hero skin for Paladins.

  • Kosak also reveals a few new cards.

  • For a brief second, we see a 5-Cost Hunter minion called Corpse Widow in the player's hand.