Who said the Kabal could only use potions?

The staff here at Hearthhead is usually pretty fond of card reveal season. There's just something about the Hearthstone community being abuzz day after day for nearly an entire month leading up to the newest expansion that always makes us feel hyped for what's to come next. This time around we're dealing with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and at this moment, The Kabal, one of the three families Blizzard has chosen to be the primary focus this week. While we may not have a tri-class card or even a class card for that matter, we do very much have something in the flavor of the Kabal. We'd like you to meet Bomb Squad!


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Back to TopThe Kabal are known as "magic using outcasts," but who said magic can't take the form of bombs?

Admittedly this card is pretty hard to evaluate. A five-mana 2/2 seems preeeeety bad, but being able to deal five damage is a big deal as there are lots of beefy minions with that value which can pose problems for lesser removal spells. Because of its Deathrattle, it really doesn't stack up well to some similar removal cards like StormcrackShadow Bolt, or even Flame Lance. While we can't make direct comparisons since these are all class cards, the foremost does four damage to a minion for two mana with the only drawback being Overload (1). Shadow Bolt deals one damage less for only three mana and it doesn't deal five damage to yourself, granted it also doesn't summon a 2/2 body but is the minion itself really relevant?

Turns out it is very much important.

As you've probably determined for yourself, the Deathrattle is a pretty serious drawback unless you find ways to make it work for you. Luckily there are many ways to do that.

By default, it enables you to easily deal with threats like Sylvanas Windrunner. Assuming you have no other minions on the board, your opponent is forced into stealing the 2/2 body leaving them with the damaging Deathrattle.

Rogues can simply bounce it back to their hand to cast again and in combination with Brann Bronzebeard you can deal with that huge Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound.

But other types of decks will simply make it a positive for them. If Handlock ever returns it can actually be a positive, helping you get into range for a better Molten Giant or modern day Control Warriors that are just outside of being able to activate Revenge run it into a minion and clear the board.

With Renolock decks which may just come booming back thanks to Abyssal Enforcer and the rest of the Warlock cards to be revealed you can simply negate the health loss via Reno Jackson or other healing effects.

We're really just happy to see Blizzard experimenting more with minions that have a unique Battlecry and Deathrattle. Bomb Squad joins the likes of Darnassus AspirantDarkshire Librarian, and Moat Lurker which have historically been some of the more interesting cards to have been released.

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