The best Neutral cards from 2016.

Unlike class cards which are split up into nine equal groups, Hearthstone's Neutral cards are much more abundant but generally less powerful as a result. This remains true for most of them, but each year there are a select few that reach across all classes and become staples. The Year of the Kraken has posed us with an interesting decision: how do we classify tri-class cards? Hearthstone itself considers them Neutral and as a result, we're comfortable doing so here. Whether that has an impact on how the cards are ultimately rated depends on what the pro players, streamers, and personalities have to say.


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Patches the Pirate - This was not an easy list to curate and Patches is a prime example of why. While he's been incredibly influential since release with most top decks in the meta utilizing him, it's entirely unknown whether that trend will continue forward. But the sheer dominance of Pirates, even in the most combo oriented decks like Miracle Rogue proves that it's had a huge impact thus far.

Barnes - Due to his relatively cheap price and the huge potential upsides, Barnes secures a spot as one of the most popular all year long.

Kazakus - Kazakus really helped Reno decks step their game up. The sheer number of problems he offers solutions to is huge. Whether a deck is too aggressive and you need to wipe the board or you find yourself in a control matchup where summoning those three random minions - twice thanks to Brann Bronzebeard -  helping you create a second potion will seal the game up, he's invaluable.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor - We had a hard time choosing between C'Thun and N'Zoth. Ultimately, C'Thun won't be getting any more support next year while N'Zoth will likely remain relevant as there will always be more Deathrattle minions to come.

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End - Even though Yogg has since been nerfed, it came to dominate the meta and created fantastic highlight reels. That alone makes him one of the biggest cards released in 2016.


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This concludes our rundown of this year's nominees. If you missed any previous coverage: Hunter, Paladin, & Warrior; Mage, Priest, & Warlock; Druid, Rogue, & Shaman.

We're actively polling the Hearthstone community for their picks and will reveal winners next week. See you then!