We've made it easier to navigate deck pages, find more information about decks, and other quality of life features.

Hey, folks. We're already back with another update to Hearthhead. Based on some initial feedback, we've implemented a few changes to our deck tiles on the front page, our deck pages, and our news posts.

Top Decks Deck Tiles

We realized that not many people are enticed to click on "see on hsreplay.net." It doesn't look like it fully belongs and gives you no information as to what you're going to be looking at.

We've cleared away the mana curve, moved the dust cost, and added two very specific buttons. Now you can quickly go look at the deck's matchup and mulligan stats on HSReplay.net if you already know what you're looking for.



Deck Description Links to HSReplay.net

Another quality of life change we've made is adding links to the HSReplay.net information under each deck's description area. Previously the only way to find out more information was to click on that "see on hsreplay.net" text on the Top Decks tiles. Now viewers can easily access that information on every single deck that has at least 1,000 games played.



Updated Guide & List Section

With our guide revamp it quickly became clear that a significant amount of scrolling is required to cover about 4,000 words. In addition, some users requested the deck list scroll alongside you so they can make comparisons to the guide itself.

We did better than that by making the guide section scrollable so it will always remain parallel to the deck list. This also accomplished our goal of making the comment section much easier to reach when you're interested in talking about what our guide writers have to say.

In addition, we've added the HSReplay.net links here so you never have to leave this section to find more information once you've arrived.

You can check out all of the above features yourself over on our Dragon Priest Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017).

Related Articles

Related articles are back. Once you've finished reading any of our posts, you'll now find links to more of our content at the bottom of the page. Currently, it displays articles that were released around the same time as the post you are viewing. We already have some improvements in the works including hand selecting content we think you'd be interested in after finishing your reading.


We'd like to thank our users for their feedback on last week's guide revamp launch. We're already hard at work at bringing you more new guides, content, site improvements, and new features.

As always, we'll be around all day to address any feedback, comments, or concerns in the comments below.