Profiles make accessing your favorite content easier than ever.

We're developing some cool and interesting new features here at Hearthhead but for them to go live we need everyone to have their own unique haven on the website. Today, we're glad to announce the return of user profiles alongside a much-needed update to our tooltips system.

You'll now find that you're able to click on your username in the top right corner of the screen to be brought to your new profile page. Here you can fill in some information about yourself such as your location, your Twitter and Twitch handles, and even your BattleTag if you want to share it with other Hearthhead users. 

Everyone has been assigned a plain avatar by default, but now you can select any of the 20 available from the various classes and expansions in Hearthstone's past. Premium users get access to double the number as regular users including Ben Brode, Ultrasaur,  Dr. Boom, and more. This will appear on your profile page, but also alongside your comments on the website. Again, Premium users get a little extra flair as their avatar border is golden rather than gray. 

One of our main goals was to make accessing the pages you care about easier than ever. For that reason, you'll now find all of the decks you've created, your card collection, and a dedicated tab for other user's decks that you've favorited. Note that your card collection only shows the cards you own by default. To add cards, click "Edit Collection" and manually add them or sync your collection with DeckMate. We highly recommend the latter.

Much of this is ready to be shared with the community at large. Anyone can click on your profile to see the decks you've created and favorited, making it easy to share a bunch of decks with your friends. We hope to make it easier to link things to other people as time goes on.

In addition, we've updated our tooltip system. We've had reports of tooltips getting stuck on the screen for some time now and today's release will fix that for everyone. We've swapped to a new tool that now takes some time to load - just a second or so - and lets you know it's doing exactly that. Once tooltips have been loaded once, they'll pop up as fast as lightning. Here, try it out: Tortollan Shellraiser.

While doing this, we also decided to add tooltips back to decklists so you can once again see the full card art if you can't quite remember the card by name. You can see that here: Control Paladin Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)

This is just the start of everything we have planned for Hearthhead. We've been ramping up our guide content as well. From the deck guides which you'll find on the front page to some of our efforts that are just getting started (class hubs and budget guides) we hope you'll consider making Hearthhead your home.

For those of you who aren't able to wander around the site looking at the new features, we've included images of everything below.