Learn about Hearthhead's all new deck guide revamp!

Over the past month or so, Hearthhead has been hard at work to bring you awesome new features today. We have partnered with some of the best guide writers available - Stonekeep, Bell, and more. The Top Decks section on the front page has been repurposed to feature more than 20 new up to date deck guides that will prepare you to play all of the most popular Journey to Un'Goro archetypes. From the well known Taunt Warrior and Token Druid to others that may not be quite as competitive as they once were. Now you'll know exactly where to look if you're trying to find a quality guide for the archetypes that are currently being played.

You can find links to all of the new content below.


Jade Druid Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Tempo Mage Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Miracle Rogue Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)
Token Druid Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Control Paladin Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Quest Rogue Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)
Midrange Hunter Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Midrange Paladin Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Jade Shaman Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)
Burn Mage Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Murloc Paladin Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Token Shaman Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)
Exodia Mage Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Dragon Priest Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Discardlock Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)
Freeze Mage Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Miracle Priest Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Pirate Warrior Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)
Secret Mage Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Silence Priest Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017) Taunt Warrior Guide - Un'Goro Deck List (June 2017)


We're committed to having all of the guides you could possibly be looking for and this is just the start.

But that's not all we have in store today - though we shouldn't say "all," there are nearly 100,000 words between all of the guides - we've also brought a beneficial new partnership with our friends at HSReplay.net. You'll notice that each of these decks also has an all new deck tile design that displays a lot of information at a glance. We'll be updating these stats regularly so you can always come to Hearthhead to not only find out how to play certain decks but also find out what's performing on the ladder. Before even clicking into a guide, you can now see what the deck's win rate over the past 30 days is, the average match duration, the average number of turns, and what the sample size is. The latter not only gives you context but also lets you know how popular this specific deck list is. The "Based On" stat is tied to the deck list, not the archetype as a whole.

If you're interested in more stats for the deck you can click on "see on hsreplay.net" to learn more.


Each deck tile and deck page also includes links to HSReplay.net where you can view more stats about the deck.


While we're committed to updating these deck guides somewhat regularly, we'll also be updating the individual deck lists. For example, Burn Mage has recently started teching in Eater of Secrets because of the rise of Mage as the most popular class. Just last month this probably isn't something you would have done. The list we've selected features the card due to the current prevalence of secrets. We will continue to note shifts in deck lists over time and keep you updated as to when they're happening.

HSReplay.net Stats

We also wanted to give our users something really cool and unique as well and thanks to our friends at HSReplay.net we've been able to do just that. If you thought having those at a glance stats on deck tiles was cool, we have something else you'll enjoy.

Every single deck on Hearthhead, assuming there is enough information, will now display its overall win rate, average match and turn duration, and sample size. All that is required for this information to show up is that an entry for it exists on the HSReplay.net website. If there isn't any info for us to pull, we'll add a message saying there are no stats available.

This means that you can now play around with your deck building on Hearthhead. Add a card, remove another, save it and then see how that effects the overall win rate. We're particularly hopeful that this helps players who are trying to improve their play.


Note: For this to appear, the deck must exist on HSReplay.net. Niche decks or unusual builds may not show up.


Deck Import/Export

Yesterday's patch added the ability to quickly import and export decks from Hearthstone. We're glad to say that Hearthhead now supports the ability to do this quickly. 

To import a deck to Hearthhead all you have to do is go to Hearthstone and copy the deck information before pasting it in our Deckbuilder. You can do this either on the class select screen or even if you've already started building a deck. The system will automatically swap classes for you as well if you were already making something but decided against it.


Note: Our system can handle the all of the text provided by Hearthstone. No need to paste it elsewhere and isolate the deck string.


To export a deck list from Hearthhead to Hearthstone, just click the "Copy Deck" button on any deck page and post that in the Hearthstone prompt.



Deck Types and Archetypes

In preparation for some upcoming features, we've also added full support for choosing an Archetype and Deck Type. Now you can let people know that this is meant to be a Constructed Fatigue Mage deck or if it was built for Tavern Brawls.

We're going to continue fleshing out support for these two categories in the near future to help make these tags worth the effort.



We really hope you enjoy the new features, particularly the guides. Please do leave us your feedback in the comments below, we'll be around throughout the weekend to respond.