Now Jaraxxas can laugh in your own language.

Hearthhead now offers an easy way to integrate rich Hearthstone tooltips into your site. Our new tooltips contain sounds, indicators that tell if the card has video, art or a guide, and other basic information.

Two weeks ago we redesigned how tooltips were displayed on our website. One of the driving factors behind this was our plan to make them available for the community as a whole to use. While other options have popped up in the last year or so while we continued to build upon Hearthhead's new foundations, we believe we've improved upon what most accept as the standard. 

With our new tooltips, you'll see more than just an image of the card. You'll also see a bunch of icons that let you know if it's Standard or Wild, what class it is, what set it's from, and what kind of information is available on our card page for that particular card. We're also now providing a few of the card's sounds right there on the tooltip itself.

If you run a Hearthstone website in Portuguese, Spanish, or Russian you'll be able to get all of these features, including card sounds and card images, in your language.

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Normal Card: Lord Jarraxus

Golden cards are also available!

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Español: Lord Jarraxus

Português: Lorde Jaraxxus

Русский: Лорд Джараксус


To get the proper Javascript for installing the library on your site and to see examples of how to add the actual tooltips, head on over to this page.