Welcome back to the Hearthhead Midweek Meta Review! If you missed it, be sure to check out the ‘Prologue’, where we explain a little bit more about what we’re trying to accomplish with this feature, and - perhaps more importantly - why!

This week, we’ll dive right in and explore the meta factors, decks, and cards, based on work by our team and contributions from pro players and other folks behind the scenes.


The current meta is a Midrange Meta.

As we’re nearing the end of the life cycle of League of Explorers and awaiting the introduction of Standard format (and a new expansion set!), the meta has become a little less variable. The new cards and what’s most effective right now have been fairly well figured out, and while top pro players have been sneaking up the middle with a couple of off-meta decks, our top decks are - as always - going to look at these core factors:
  • Frequency of appearance.
  • Ease of play.
  • Prevalence of meaningful, non-tech-dependent counterplay.
  • Consistency in winning various matchups.
We remain in a midrange meta due to a number of factors:
  • Aggro decks lack the consistency and raw pressure to beat most of the popular Midrange decks out there at present. Midrange decks are able to build up their board presence to deal more damage as the game progresses past the first few turns, beating Aggro at their own game in terms of maximizing sheer damage, while also having tools (Secrets, Taunt minions, Healing, etc.) to survive the purest Aggro decks’ burn pressure.
  • League of Explorers provided a lot of tools for Control decks, which in general holds Aggro back from succeeding in a broader sense on the ladder. Reno Jackson, Entomb, Fierce Monkey, etc. gave existing Control archetypes great supplements to the cards that have long pushed Aggro out of the meta (Sludge Belcher, Antique Healbot).
  • Midrange decks are taking advantage of many of the powerful cards that we are looking forward to seeing removed from Standard play in the coming months (Piloted Shredder, Haunted Creeper, Loatheb). In general, many of the ‘sticky’ minions that are core to Midrange being so dominant right now are slated for removal from competitive play.
Considering the meta largely stable until we see Standard format and the release of the new set, this week’s report will focus on the top five best decks, an off-meta suggestion, as well as tech choices for each deck.

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With where the meta currently is, we wouldn't be surprised to see this deck rise in popularity as it tends to do well against many of the top tier archetypes.

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Aggro Druid has positive win rates against most of the current top meta decks, and the ones it does not it trades quite evenly with. Most players are not looking for the more aggressive early bodies from this style of Druid, and may mulligan incorrectly against this deck.

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Consider Savage Combatant(s) over one of each of either or both of Keeper of the Grove or Piloted Shredder to have faster pressure.

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We of course have to thank various players and personalities for their input and opinions!
Written by Kevin Hovdestad