Hearthstone's next expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, is now all that closer with the dawn of April. And while we all know the community is on high alert for fake cards today, considering it is April Fools season, we promise you this one is real. Meet the Thing from Below.

Pretty, isn't it?

We unfortunately don't know a ton about Thing from Below. On appearances alone we would assume it to be corrupted by our tentacled friend N'Zoth, the Corruptor. But there are a few other places in World of Warcraft that it might be referenced. Though they're undoubtedly talking about the imprisoned Old Gods, it's probably that our friend here is also related. There are three instances where "from below" is mentioned in WoW:Come on N'Zoth, leave L'ghorek alone...
L'ghorek is the ancient that rests upon the shelf across from us. It is being controlled and its life energies slowly consumed by something immense beneath us.

There is a cave known as the Undershell down below L'ghorek. In that cave are three powerful ogre magi that are maintaining a ritual connecting the thing below with the ancient. You must kill these three to disconnect L'ghorek.
In Mind Tricks, Darkspeaker R'khem speaks to you through telepathy saying he's actually from below. Since we're in Northrend for this one, we're more likely dealing with Yogg-Saron, another underwater tentacled Old God.
-thing, I am in need of your assistance. Like your enslaved friends, I am a victim of the Lich King's ymirjar and their avarice. When I rose from below to investigate the noises coming from this cavern they captured and chained me.

Will you please help me? The foreman of these mines holds the key to my chains. Kill him!
Yogg-Saron’s whispers can be heard in areas filled with Saronite - Whisper Gulch and the Ymirhiem Saronite Mines:
  • All that you know will fade.
  • Give in to your fear.
  • Hope is an illusion.
  • It WAS your fault.
  • Kill them all before they kill you.
  • Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends.
  • There is no escape. Not in this life, not in the next.
  • They are coming for you.
  • They have turned against you. Now, take your revenge.
  • Trust is your weakness.
  • You are a pawn of forces unseen.
  • You will be alone in the end.
But a quest to kill Harbinger Aphotic in Ashenvale, of all places, is probably the closest reference we have to Thing from Below.
When I sensed these... things... rising from below, I came to put them back down. I found the corpse of your friend and dragged him as far as I could before one of my fetlocks was broken. It is all that I can do to hold off these foul tendrils.

There is one that controls the tendrils and eyes. It calls itself Harbinger Aphotic -- I'm sure that you have heard it yelling from the south.

The harbinger stands out of range of my magic, but you could get to him. If you dare....