Want to know the stats behind RNG cards? Now you can find out.

Yesterday we launched our new Class Overview guides. Today, we're shifting focus to our all new card guides. For the first time ever, we're attempting to provide meaningful information about all of the cards in Hearthstone that have some semblance of randomness. Whether that be Jeweled Macaw or other more complicated cards like Free From Amber, we hope to provide players with all skill levels with a new resource.

We have always been interested in the nitty-gritty details behind Hearthstone cards, but this information is difficult to find, and sometimes even more difficult to calculate yourself considering some details aren't available in the game itself. Therefore, we set out on a journey with Ville "OldGuardian" Kilkku to find out just how the cards work.

While it's been a good while since Journey to Un'Goro launched, this was a massive undertaking and the first of its kind that we've ever done. We hope to learn from our first release and improve our efforts for the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne.

There are a lot of things that we explore. Here's what Ville had to say:


For example, just how much easier is it to find a spell from your deck with Shadow Visions if you have two copies left in the deck as compared to just a single copy? In general, it is around 25 percentage points easier, with single copies reaching 50% Discover rates only at six spells left while two copies are found more than half of the time already at ten spells left.

Or, have you ever wondered why Elemental Paladin might be a good deck to play? Servant of Kalimos being able to Discover Ragnaros, Lightlord 53% of the time is definitely one appealing part of it. That 53% also applies to the new Elemental classes – Rogue and Druid – trying to Discover Jade Spirit.

What about the Shaman Quest and Megafin? Can you always find a Murloc Warleader to buff your army? Unfortunately not, because even generating the full ten cards only gives you a 42% chance to generate a Murloc Warleader.

Ever been one damage off lethal as a Mage? Need it right now and have a Primordial Glyph in hand? Unlike the common perception, you have not quite won the game yet because the chance that you'll find direct damage is 55% - still way better than getting a purely random spell from killing off your Shimmering Tempest, which would only give you direct damage 23% of the time. Yes, Discover is that strong.

What if you want to make a C’Thun Druid and grab some extra copies of Dark Arakkoa from Stonehill Defender? You’re not going to see them every game, as you only have a 23% chance to be offered one.

Hey, that Priest just played a Mage secret, what? Oh, he had an Un’Goro Pack. Then it has to be Mana Bind, as it is the only Mage secret from Journey to Un’Goro expansion.

Card guides do not give you the answers on what to put in your deck or how to play it. Instead, they serve as a handbook on what is possible and what is probable when using certain cards.


We hope they prove useful. While we won't have card guides for the upcoming Knights of the Frozen Throne until all of the set's cards have been revealed, we're using the card guide section to keep track of various information that has been released thus far. Check out Deathstalker Rexxar for an example.

Here are the card guides we've released today: