promo-news-image.jpgWith the new adventure Blackrock Mountain coming next month, the Hearthhead team has been busy developing features. We're proud to announce that Hearthhead has launched guides!

The guide system covers popular topics to both familiarize new players with Hearthstone and summarize successful types of decks to seasoned players looking to try something new.

Information for new players includes a Beginner's Guide to Hearthstone, Terminology Glossary, Adventure Guides such as Blackrock Mountain, and Arena Drafting Strategies.

The most extensive part of the new guide system is the Archetype section, guides for popular types of decks. Each archetype guide contains the core cards, playstyle information, tips, and mulligan suggestions. At the bottom of each archetype guide, you'll find an automatically-generated list of user-created decks that fit into that archetype.