While the Hearthhead staff has very much appreciated the feedback we've gotten thus far about the redesign images we have shared, they can only convey so much information. To truly gather feedback we need some friends (that's you) to test it out for us. So right now you can head on over to http://www.hearthhead.com, explore, play with the new filters, create some decks, and more before sending us your comments!

There are a few things worth noting, however. This is a beta website. Things may break, pages or images may fail to load, and you may encounter some issues. These are exactly the types of problems we're trying to iron out with your help. So whenever something unexpected like that happens, please let us know on any of the news posts on the beta site, here on the live Hearthhead post, or over on our Discord.


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Why can't I submit my own guide?

We're not quite ready for this yet. The user experience wasn't up to snuff with the rest of the site so we've pushed it out while we work on porting over all of the current guides and such.

Will I lose my X?

We hope not! We're planning on storing every user's information including reputation, comments, decks, and more. Our hope is that we'll be able to get them all back to you on the beta site as soon as we can!

Why aren't the icons on the guide hub working?

This is another thing that wasn't quite ready, but we weren't willing to push back release for something so simple. Trust us it will all be working when we launch.

Will there be forums?

Not at launch. The current forums are a part of Wowhead and since we're finally becoming our own thing, we'll need to recreate those from the ground up just like the rest of the site. These things take time, but we promise you they'll be better than ever.

Where's the Collection Manager?

We haven't completed every feature of the new site yet. This is something we're looking to build from the ground up in hopes of a much better user experience than we've previously had.

Why are the ads so prominent?

Well, we do have to pay the bills. In all seriousness, we have much fewer ads as a whole and this is because the ad in the sidebar is now static. This means you see less ads as a whole and have less of a chance to encounter a bad ad as a result.

And no, the ads are not wider, they're the same size. We just don't have all that padding to the right anymore.

Again, we very much welcome your feedback! Please share your thoughts, concerns, and issues with us!