Regardless of what you or a specific community thinks of Hearthstone, Blizzard surely has its own ideas as to where we currently are. They, of course, have much more information including a massive number of statistics and all of its future card plans which definitely impact the game in a way that we can't comprehend with our limited amount of knowledge. IGN talks with a few developers to get some insight into what the current health of Hearthstone looks like.

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IGN recently sat down with game designer Mike Donais and associate designer Dean Ayala, also known as Iksar, to discuss the current state of Hearthstone.
  • The meta is "pretty good in general," but a little too Shaman heavy for their likes.
  • Rogue and Priest are known for trickiness and Blizzard just recently figured this out so it is now trying to give them more tools rather than on-curve minions.
  • More people crafted Yogg-Saron, Hope's End than any other Legendary after Whispers of the Old Gods.
  • Addressing Yogg-Saron is very high on their list, but they aren't sure what that means yet. Options are to leave it alone, change it, or move it to Wild early.
  • They don't want to add card bans because then players might not find natural counters with enough time.
  • In-game tournament mode is not being worked on.
  • There are about 15 cards the balance team has been discussing and keeping an eye on in case they're too powerful.
  • Donais defends powerful cards like Call of the Wild since there are plenty of Basic cards that are automatically included and people are fine with those because they've been around so long.
  • It's still too early to tell what impact the Arena bans have had since many players hold onto Arena drafts for so long. Need to wait until they can weed out all those anomalies before drawing conclusions.
  • Donais also mentions that the perceived power of each class has an effect on these stats and waiting until that shift is valuable to the information.
  • The duo discusses specific cards in detail if you're interested in that.
  • Blizzard is "still pretty far away from" making any kind of changes on a per card basis in Arena.

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I think Rogue and Priest are the two classes where if those are the classes you’re excited about it’s because you’re doing some tricks. And when we made Dragon Priest, we kind of gave them a curve deck rather than a trick deck. We’re hoping that in the future, now that we understand that concept for both Rogue and Priest, we can give them some tricks instead and do some clever stuff, and we’ll explore that space over the next, y’know, years, and the future of Hearthstone.
Those seem like reasonable ideas. It’s also possible that, like, so many people love it that we don’t change it at all, so those three ideas are the leading candidates. Do something, do nothing and move it to Wild. So let’s just wait and see what happens. Lots of really good suggestions on Reddit too – we’re reading those suggestions and talking about the actual implications of those suggestions, because we want to make sure that people who love Yogg still have something to love, we want to make sure that the tournament scene is reasonable and we want to make sure that people who’ve had enough Yogg, they’re happy too. It’s kind of impossible to make all three of those goals succeed, so we need to figure out where we want to balance out.
I think in the last couple of weeks there’s at least 15 cards that we’ve talked about – like, hey, what’s the right thing for us to do with X, Y or Z card? Should we change it soon? Should we change it not at all? Should we change it during rotation or the next expansion or the next patch? These are conversations that we’re having daily, and Call of the Wild is definitely a card that gets brought up all the time. I would say that’s near the top of the list. I don’t really know if changing it is the right answer, but it is certainly strong, and we’re reading a lot of the feedback now…

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