See what the pro Hearthstone players are bringing to this season's championship.

Planning to watch this weekend's HCT Spring Championship action? Most in the community will be tuning in to the start of it as Blizzard is kicking things off with the reveal of Hearthstone's next expansion. The now leaked Knights of the Frozen Throne looks to be a Death Knight themed set. Immediately afterward the Spring Championship will kick off over in Shanghai China.

Here's how to watch:

  • Day 1 Group Stages: July 6 at 7:00 p.m. PDT
  • Day 2 Group Stages: July 7 at 7:00 p.m. PDT
  • Day 3 Playoffs: July 8 at 7:00 p.m. PDT

Catch the action over on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel.

Here's some insight from the Blizzard blog entry:


With all the deck lists locked in, here are some exciting trends and noteworthy decks you can keep an eye on in the Spring Championship. You can also copy these deck lists to play for yourself with the new Deck Importing feature!

Spectators will no doubt be interested to see how Quest Rogue performs considering the announcement that The Caverns Below is receiving a balance change in an upcoming patch. Rogue was the second most popular class behind Druid across the tournament lineup, but Quest Rogue is far and away the most common deck – and the only style of Rogue being played in the Spring Championship.

Quest Rogue was least popular with Americas players, but every Asia-Pacific competitor has it in their lineup. Each region had one class that was brought with 100% consistency—Druid for the Americas and China, Warrior for Europe, and Rogue for Asia-Pacific—but the other regions are bringing multiple Druid and Warrior archetypes.

Five of the Quest Rogue lists are an identical core list, while the remaining six trade cards like Swashburglar or Backstab for more aggressive Stonetusk Boars or tech choices like Hungry Crabs, Tar Creepers, or a Golakka Crawler, hoping to target specific aggressive decks. Other tech choices that were popular in this tournament include Spellbreaker in Pirate Warrior or Gluttonous Ooze in Jade Druid and Burn Mage. Some highly-specialized techs make the occasional appearance – like the two players running Eater of Secrets to target Ice Block.

A total of approximately 13 different styles of deck are in play, representing seven of the nine Hearthstone classes. Only one player, xHope, is bringing Priest, and the only other truly unique decklist is JasonZhou’s Jade Shaman with Spirit Echo.

Some regional tendencies exist – Americas players have broadly opted to play for the late game, bringing Jade Druid, Quest Warrior, and two of the three Control Paladin lists in the tournament. Asia-Pacific favors a more aggressive style, bringing more Token lists than other regions and being the only region to field no Jade Druid whatsoever. Pirate Warrior has fallen out of favor in China, as well.

Overall, no single archetype other than Quest Rogue was brought by more than half of the players in this tournament. The most common after Quest Rogue was Token Shaman, with eight players choosing it. Several players brought similar lineups by class, but no two players brought the same lineup by archetypes.

Look for control players to ban Jade Druid or Quest Rogue to protect their best matchups. Aggressive players will try and eliminate the decks that outlast them, like Control Paladin or Quest Warrior, where they exist; otherwise they’ll ban decks that can outrace them, like Token decks.


Hoej's Deck Lists Neirea's Deck Lists
Hoej's HCT Spring Murloc Paladin Neirea's HCT Spring Burn Mage
Hoej's HCT Spring Pirate Warrior Neirea's HCT Spring Jade Druid
Hoej's HCT Spring Quest Rogue Neirea's HCT Spring Quest Rogue
Hoej's HCT Spring Token Shaman Neirea's HCT Spring Taunt Warrior


Rdu's Deck Lists Kolento's Deck Lists
Rdu's HCT Spring Token Druid Kolento's HCT Spring Jade Druid
Rdu's HCT Spring Burn Mage Koltento's HCT Spring Quest Rogue
Rdu's HCT Spring Pirate Warrior Kolento's HCT Spring Taunt Warrior
Rdu's HCT Spring Token Shaman Kolento's HCT Spring Token Shaman


Mage's Deck Lists Tredsred's Deck Lists
Mage's HCT Spring Control Paladin Tredsred's HCT Spring Murloc Paladin
Mage's HCT Spring Freeze Mage Tredsred's HCT Spring Pirate Warrior
Mage's HCT Spring Quest Rogue Tredsred's HCT Spring Quest Rogue
Mage's HCT Spring Token Shaman Tredsred's HCT Spring Secret Mage


CitizenNappa's Deck Lists Kranich's Deck Lists
CitizenNappa's HCT Spring Token Druid Kranich's HCT Spring Token Druid
CitizenNappa's HCT Spring Pirate Warrior Kranich's HCT Spring Murloc Paladin
CitizenNappa's HCT Spring Quest Rogue Kranich's HCT Spring Quest Rogue
CitizenNappa's HCT Spring Token Shaman Kranich's HCT Spring Secret Mage


Muzzy's Deck Lists Kuonet's Deck Lists
Muzzy's HCT Spring Burn Mage Kuonet's HCT Spring Burn Mage
Muzzy's HCT Spring Jade Druid Kuonet's HCT Spring Control Paladin
Muzzy's HCT Spring Murloc Paladin Kuonet's HCT Spring Jade Druid
Muzzy's HCT Spring Token Shaman Kuonet's HCT Spring Taunt Warrior


DiegoDias' Deck Lists Ant's Deck Lists
DiegoDias' HCT Spring Control Paladin Ant's HCT Spring Token Druid
DiegoDias' HCT Spring Jade Druid Ant's HCT Spring Pirate Warrior
DiegoDias' HCT Spring Quest Rogue Ant's HCT Spring Secret Mage
DiegoDias' HCT Spring Taunt Warrior Ant's HCT Spring Token Shaman


OMJasonZhou's Deck Lists OMXhope's Deck Lists
OMJasonZhou's HCT Spring Control Paladin OMXhope's HCT Spring Token Druid
OMJasonZhou's HCT Spring Jade Druid OMXhope's HCT Spring Miracle Priest
OMJasonZhou's HCT Spring Quest Rogue OMXhope's HCT Spring Taunt Warrior
OMJasonZhou's HCT Spring Jade Shaman OMXhope's HCT Spring Token Shaman


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Dog's HCT Spring Token Druid Trunks' HCT Spring Burn Mage
Dog's HCT Spring Murloc Paladin Trunks' HCT Spring Jade Druid
Dog's HCT Spring Quest Rogue Trunks' HCT Spring Midrange Paladin
Dog's HCT Spring Secret Burn Mage Trunks' HCT Spring Quest Rogue