A much needed points rework is coming.

It appears that Blizzard is in the process of updating its Hearthstone Championship Tour pages with details regarding next year's circuit. So far only the points structure has been updated with the remaining information displaying info from this year. We'll update you if this changes.

While we don't have any details on how the new Monthly Cups and Playoffs will actually come together, it's interesting to see how each event stacks up. First place in a ranked season is equivalent to finishing second at a major tournament and is more than winning two monthly cups.

Earning Points

Ranked Play: Playing Standard Ranked games in Hearthstone and reaching Legend grants HCT points. The higher your rank at the end of each month of Ranked Play, the more points you receive.


Ranked Play Monthly Cup
1st: 12 1st: 5
2nd - 10th: 10 2nd: 3
11th - 25th: 8 3rd - 4th: 2
26th - 50th: 6 5th - 8th: 1
51st - 100th: 4  
101st - 200th: 2  
Legend: 1  


Major Playoffs
1st: 15 1st - 4th: Qualification
2nd: 12 5th - 8th: 4
3rd - 4th: 8 9th and below: 2
5th - 8th: 4  
9th - 16th: 2  


Season Championship World Championship
1st: 20 1st: 25
2nd: 15 2nd: 20
3rd - 4th: 10 3rd - 4th: 15
5th - 8th: 8 5th - 8th: 10
9th - 16th: 6 9th - 16th: 8


Back to TopOstkaka Joins Alliance

Joining the now former lone member of Alliance's Hearthstone team, Orange, is 2015 World Champion Ostkaka announces the organization in a statement.

Despite being somewhat under the radar, Ostkaka says he's ready to come roaring back. “I’m really excited to be joining Alliance," he states, "I’ve been a bit less active in the past few months during the HCT off-season but I will be dedicating full time to try and qualify for Blizzcon 2017. I’ll also be streaming my practice and ladder grind regularly. I’m looking forward to representing Alliance in tournaments and will do my best to win.”

Erik Barge, General Manager comments on the acquisition saying, “I’m thrilled to have Sebastian joining the Alliance family, he’s an incredible athlete, which he’s undoubtedly shown by winning the World Championship last year, but also in his determination and discipline. I really love his approach to Hearthstone and I’m excited to have him represent our brand.