We've all been excited about Goblins vs Gnomes, and Blizzard has been answering many tweets about it. We've used our Blue Tweet Tracker to round up these tweets for you! Some of the most popular include questions about how Bouncing Blade interacts with Commanding Shout, and how the release of GvG will effect arena rewards. Check below for those answers and more!

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@bdbrode Hey, does the Enhance-o Mechano give 3 buffs spread at random amongst your minions, or each of them gets one of these attributes?
@bdbrode madder bomber: can this over kill or will damage up to death and invalidate it for further random damage like mad bomber?
@KindbudiiIchig0 just like mad bomber (except madder)
@bdbrode Will any current cards (like harvest golem) be changed to mechs? #hearthstone #BlizzCon #GoblinsvsGnomes
@Smurf_Frog @PlayHearthstone it won't hit targets that are immune or are 1 health with commanding shout buff.
@bdbrode Can you play the bouncing blades card without any minions on the opponent's side? If so then what happens with commanding shout?
@tehstool takes all your minions to 1 Health
@bdbrode can you get doomhammer on warrior with blingtron or is it class oriented :P ?
@bdbrode What happens if you have minions in play, the enemy doesnt then Commanding Shout + Bouncing Blade? It stops when everyone's at 1?
@bdbrode Silly question: Do classes without weapon get a 'random weapon' from Blingtron 3000? Does it feel scary to change the game so much?
@Fersis yep! It's awesome! :)
@bdbrode What happens if you play Commanding Shout and then Bouncing Blade when your opponent has no minions on the board?
@DanielKidder your guys go to 1 Health
@bdbrode What happens if you play Commanding Shout and the new card Bouncing Blade on a board with only your Armorsmith and Frothing?^^
@Sidian42 your minions go to 1 Health
@bdbrode Will the old mechanical cards like Harvest Golem and Demolisher be updated as Mech cards? #Hearthstone #GnomesVsGoblins

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