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The expansion went live at 12:30 PM PST! Log in to get your 3 free packs! Make your decks in our Deck Builder now!

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The release of GvG seems to be causing quite a strain on and the Hearthstone servers. Blizzard has posted this information on the problems:
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We are aware of an issue causing errors when logging in to services and games. We are investigating the cause and will resolve it as quickly as possible.

In addition, we are looking into an issue where you may get stuck on "Waiting for Authorization" when buying Hearthstone packs. Please do not close your client while this screen displays.

Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve these issues. Follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for updates.
Update: Most issues have been cleared up overnight, and things should be working better now! Many users are reporting that they can log in without issues again, though some still cannot.
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[Update - 12:00 AM PST]: Our engineers believe we have resolved the outstanding issues with the in-game and Web shops and are seeing transactions passing along properly. In the event that you attempted a purchase and see a debit on your account but have not yet received a receipt or your items, check your Order History. Orders that have failed will not complete, and the temporary authorization will be removed according to your bank's policies and returned to your account balance.

For players experiencing login issues, our engineers are working on a fix that will allow you to log in normally. While they work on that process, as a work-around you can change your password in Account Management to refresh your account. This should allow you to log in normally. You can change your password back immediately if you so wish!

This will be the last update from US Customer Support for the evening, but our EU counterparts are monitoring the issue as our engineers continue working through the night. Should any further updates become available, we'll be sure to keep you updated!

Back to TopEurope Launch

The launch has been a bit delayed in Europe, but it's coming soon!

It’ll be at least a few more hours before Goblins vs Gnomes is live in Europe. We’ll be sure to keep you posted! #GvG

Update: The European launch is still being worked on, and expected to launch within a few hours.
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Goblins vs Gnomes will soon be unleashed upon Europe! Preparation for its arrival has already begun, and Hearthstone will be undergoing maintenance starting at 9:00 p.m. CET. We expect maintenance to complete within a few hours.

Please keep an eye on this thread for further updates as the launch commences, and we sincerely thank you all for your patience.
Update: Players have reported making it in to the live European servers! GvG is now live in Europe!

Back to TopGvG Card Interactions Answered

Since the reveal of the rest of the Goblins vs Gnomes cards last week Blizzard has been answering questions on Twitter about all sorts of mechanics corner cases and, now that GvG is in the arena, bugs as well. We've been tracking them in our Blue Tweets Tracker, and we have them all rounded up here!

Back to TopMechanics Clarifications

@bdbrode Burly Rockjaw Trogg-Priest plays SW:P, does he go up to a 5/5 and disregards the SW:P? B/c he gains the atk when spell is casted?
@PlattapusTV he dies as a 5/5
@bdbrode I think you just want Nesingwary to have more targets...
@MysticShodan mostly it was for Druid of the Fang, and because if something looks like a beast players assume it is one (never mattered b4)
@bdbrode If Light of the Naaru kills something with Auchenai out, will you get a Lightwarden?
@CM_Zeriyah With double Mogor vs 2 targets, can you trigger "attack wrong target" twice and end up attacking the correct initial target?
@CM_Zeriyah Trying to give Gnomish Experimenter some love. The Chicken is a 1 mana 1/1 with? ...Deathrattle: Summon the Chicken Lord? :P
@bdbrode So triggers will happen simultaneously instead of one at a time in the GvG patch?
@HSTopDecks no, they happen one at a time still. AoE heal will just heal everyone before all the triggers go off.
@bdbrode I would love to Poison Seeds+Explosive Sheep for board clear in GvG, but deathrattles trigger before the card summons treants. Why?
@ItsFluxty there wouldn't be room for the treants otherwise :-/
@bdbrode @CM_Zeriyah does spelldamage affect Lightbomb (Deal dmg equal to atk+spelldmg)?
.@CM_Zeriyah If I have no cards left and my Fel Reaver discards 3, do I draw 3 Fatigues or do I only Fatigue more when I draw a card?
.@Pierce7d Fel Reaver won't trigger fatigue.
@CM_Zeriyah Using Alextraza on yourself and reducing your health (say, 16 to 15) will trigger Floating watcher or it isn't considered dmg?
@Zinarad Alexstrasza isn't a restore effect or a damage effect, so it shouldn't.
@bdbrode when it says draw random minion or turn into random minion are legendaries/epics less likely or equally likely to common drops?
@konop there is no weighting of any kind
@bdbrode hey Ben, does recycle trigger deathrattles? Or are they not considered killed since they go in the deck!
@bdbrode if one of my minion is silenced and i play feign death, would the deathtrattle trigger? greetings from Italy :)
@CapitanDarko no. Greetings!!
@bdbrode If a confused ogre attacks into a Noble Sacrifice secret, is the 50% chance triggered before or after he's forced to hit the 2/1?
@Blarghykins depends on order played

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@bdbrode Iron Juggernaut (10dmg mine legend) - If I use a return to hand card and play again will multiple mines be placed in enemy deck?
@bdbrode Question: If a hunter received a mine from the iron juggernaut, can it be discarded via tracking? #Hearthstone
@CM_Whirthun @bdbrode Does silencing Vol'jin give the swapped minion its health back? And can Vol be healed if he swaps with a damaged guy?
@jcdpb @bdbrode No on both accounts. Unrelated, amazing account avatar!
@thethirk @Kanegasi @6Jarv9 If you Thoughtsteal a mine, it doesn't explode, enters your hand, and you can cast it for no effect as a spell.
@CM_Whirthun Can Gazlowe gives you class-specific mechs?
@CM_Zeriyah What happens when you draw Flame Leviathan in the opening hand?
.@Grizzlefaze Flame Leviathan does not trigger off your opening hand or if you mulligan for it.
Funny GVG interaction of the day: If you Feign Death Malorne, he will get shuffled into your deck. He is not good at faking death.
@CM_Whirthun @Zinarad What happens if you rebirth it then? Acts like a sap into the deck?
@6Jarv9 @Zinarad You get a Malorne in play and a Malorne in your deck.
@CM_Zeriyah just to be clear if my Vol'jin swaps hp with my deathlord then I silence my deathlord do I end up with 2 8hp minions
@bdbrode @CM_Zeriyah 3 Mimiron's Heads will make 3: "V-07-TR-0N"?
@yuvalaziza @bdbrode Ultimately you only end up with one V-07-TR-0N.
Thanks @CM_Whirthun @CM_Zeriyah @Daxxarri Does Shadowflame proc the Mistress of Pain heal? Does a Hero'd Jaraxxus gain +2/+2 from Mal'Ganis?
@bdbrode hi ben! If I play golden neptulon, will I have 4 golden murlocs in my hand?
@CM_Zeriyah @bdbrode Ok, so why does Sacrificial Pact works on heroes as well? I mean niether have the "Demon minion only" text.
@trockn @bdbrode Aura buffs like Mal'ganis' are designed to target only minions. While Jaraxxus is a Demon, auras won't affect him.
@CM_Zeriyah Can Sneed's Old Shredder summon legendaries that are not regular cards like Thaddeus, V-07-TR-0N, or Mr. Bigglesworth (PLEASE!!)
@CM_Zeriyah if the mine of the iron juggernaut is the last card of your opponent's deck deals 10 damage and triggers the fatigue ?????
@CM_Zeriyah Is Burrowing Mine "played" when you draw it? If so, how it interacts whith cards like Auctioneer, Mana Wyrm, Troggs, etc
@Sawovsky It is not considered played.

Back to TopMiscellaneous and Bugs

@bdbrode Are the Imp tokens summoned by Imp-losion the same Imp tokens summoned by Imp Master?
@bdbrode I think we should use the name Neptulon the Tidehunter instead of Neptulon alone.
@thanhtotti I wanted too but it's just barely too long. @CM_Zeriyah thinks I'm crazy though
@CM_Zeriyah Curious if the team doesn't want Combo decks to exist or if they find them unfun, uninteractive? They have always existed in TCG
@B10z Combos are fine, too little interaction is not.
Funny GVG interaction of the day: If you Feign Death Malorne, he will get shuffled into your deck. He is not good at faking death.
.@CM_Zeriyah Malorne, it's okay to get up. Malorne? MALORNE?!
@bdbrode So Darkbomb is an objectively worse version of Frostbolt? Thought you tried to avoid that kind of thing from a design perspective?
@Blarghykins different classes have strengths and weaknesses. Mortal Strike is worse than Fireball, too. It's not the best, but it happens.
@bdbrode @cataclyst78 is this intentional? This happens if you spectate two friends playing.
@daytoend86 @bdbrode cards being upside down is our current implementation. We are still looking to iterate. Provide feedback!
@bdbrode you said there is a good reason for having bad cards in the game? Can you give an explanation? No hate, just interested.
@Palmipolis there are lots of good reasons, but enumerating them in Twitter is not possible. I'll write something about it someday for blog.
@CM_Zeriyah Hey will the GvG cards be available at 12 a.m. PST on the 8th?
@NippleDragons Sometime in the early afternoon PST on the 8th, ideally.
@bdbrode since ragnaros and al'akir gets their full title in their card name, how come neptulon doesn't? I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR MY MURLOC DECK
@derkrawr text space :( Poor Neptulon the Tidehunt
@cataclyst78 Question : will there be an achievement & reward for collect all GvG cards ? Thanks
@fredericmourot there's currently no new achievement for collecting GvG cards.
@bdbrode wondering why when u play silver hand knight with warsong commander on board the squire doesn't get charge?
Buffed Bloodsail Raider above 3 att doesnt get charge from Warsong Commander. Was this changed? @bdbrode @CM_Zeriyah @CM_Whirthun @AskJoshy
@LotharHS @bdbrode @CM_Whirthun @AskJoshy Not working as intended - working on a fix.
So honored. Thnx! "@gamespot: The award for Best Mobile/Handheld game goes to Hearthstone!"
@bdbrode @cataclyst78 It would allow for more interactivity, training/teaching during streams, for example.
@PoeticStanziel @bdbrode that would be very cool... it's just significantly more work. something to think about for the future!
@bdbrode Had KT out and imp master. Imp master spawned an imp and died when doing so but didn't revive. Is this working as intended?
@toby4760 yeah - he wasn't dead yet when KT triggered