The first Un'Goro card reveal came a bit earlier than expected.

Though Blizzard says official card reveals from the upcoming Journey to Un'Goro expansion aren't slated to begin until March 17, there's already been a slip up in Taiwan. While reviewing the normal information associated with Un'Goro's announcement, community members spotted a card that hadn't yet been seen: Gentle Megasaur.

Principle Game Designer Mike Donais confirms the cards translation over on Reddit but doesn't offer any corrections on how players are currently translating the card. This leads us to believe that the card text below is correct but unconfirmed.

If true, the card's effect seems pretty powerful, especially given the prevalence of the new Finja, the Flying Star package that is growing in popularity among the competitive circles. Luckily a 4-Cost 5/4 is generally not that great and more importantly, the minion itself isn't a Murloc, but this does offer some synergy with The Curator for those who are interested in more of a menagerie approach.


Journey to Un'Goro was leaked many weeks ago under the title Lost Secrets of Un'Goro through a voice actress' resume. It was formally announced yesterday to be releasing in early April with all new mechanics including Quests and Adapt.

The new Adapt keyword allows a minion to become infused with elemental power, granting it new properties. Similar to the discover mechanic, you will be presented with three options when you play a card with Adapt. You can choose one of these three options to immediately buff your minion. There are ten total Adaptations to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of options to respond to threats presented by your opponent.

image NEUTRAL__UNG_999t3_enUS_FlamingClawsTHUMB.png image

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There is a total of ten options that players will effectively Discover including +3 Health, +1/+1, Stealth, and the Emperor Cobra ability.

For more information, head on over to our announcement post.