Gamescom 2015 is ongoing and Hearthstone has already revealed exciting new cards, the Joust mechanic and more! Check out Wednesday's recap for all the details.

Edit: The stream is over and the VODs should be up soon.

The Hearthstone stream features streamer Kripparian, senior game designer Mike Donais and executive producer, Hamilton Chu to talk about the upcoming Hearthstone expansion!
  • The developers feel the Joust mechanic is a good counter to low-cost aggressive decks.
  • The Inspire mechanic greatly changes the value of Hero Powers and adds a new dimension to the game.

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The first card is Warhorse Trainer, a Paladin Class Card!

The second card is Flash Heal, a Priest Class Card. This card could be amazing with Auchenai Soulpriest and the developers have tried it with Fjola Lightbane and Eydis Darkbane.

The third card is Living Roots, a Druid Class Spell. This card could benefit a token Druid deck or help Druid's early game. The Saplings are simple 1/1 tokens with no special tribe.

The fourth card is Fist of Jaraxxus, a Warlock Class Spell. This card has a unique mechanic that you can gain it's effect by paying the 4 mana, or using another card to discard this card from your hand.

And the final card is Charged Hammer, a Shaman Weapon. This weapon has a deathrattle that changes the Shaman's hero power to Deal 2 Damage.

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Q: When will you create a new class for Hearthstone?
A: There are no plans to add another class currently.

Q: Could you explain what has changed in Ranked Play in Hearthstone?
A: The Highest Rank Bonus has been added to celebrate your achievement in Ranked Play for the month.

Q: Will content continue as the same pace or will it slow down in the future?
A: The goal is the keep Hearthstone going for as long as possible, and they want to make sure that the content is available for all types of players.

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The latest vote has ended revealing Alexstrasza's Champion as a Warrior Class Card that benefits off the Dragon tribe.

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