November 28 is the day!

Blizzard has announced a live stream for the upcoming Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. The developer typically does these before every expansion and it usually involves not only revealing the remaining cards from the set, but also pinpointing a release date for when we can finally get our hands on them!

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Hearthstone Live Stream: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

The Grimy Goons, the Kabal, and the Jade Lotus are recruiting the best and brightest . . . but they’ll take any ne’er-do-wells willing to take shortcuts in the pursuit of power and fortune. It’s time to get ready for the most epic turf war Hearthstone has ever seen and decide which crime family you will join in the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan!

Join Senior Designer Matt Place and Hearthstone big-league caster Dan “Frodan” Chou on November 28 at 10 a.m. PST for some family-versus-family Hearthstone matches against members of the design team. Tune in as the three crime families battle it out for control of Gadgetzan — you’re sure to see plenty of smuggled weapons, potent potions, and jade golems . . . as well as a number of new cards from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan!

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