Red Mana Wyrm is nice, but there's a duo of troublesome minions as well.

Yesterday we examined the odds behind Ironforge Portal and today we're continuing onwards with One Night In Karazhan's portal cards as we transition to the Mage's Firelands Portal. Unlike Ironforge Portal, which got away relatively unscathed, Firelands has a lot of landmines to keep an eye out for. Luckily it also has a couple of very good cards to help balance things out as well. We take a look at the new possibilities below.

When it comes to the release of a new Hearthstone set, everyone's first thought is how the meta will change. What decks will become stronger? What will get weaker as a result? Which of the new cards are good and which are bad? All of these are great questions and they're ones we've been trying to answer for you over the past few weeks. But what casual players frequently forget is that it also has a huge impact on minions and spells that have a random effect as well.

New Cards

Firelands Portal summons a random 5-Cost minion. We've categorized all of Gadgetzan's 5-Cost minions below.

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Old Average

Out of the previous 82 cards in Standard the average five drop was a 4.1/4.7.

Some other stats:

Mechanic Cards Odds
Taunt 7/61 11.5%
Charge 3/61 4.9%
Spell Damage 1/61 1.6%
Deathrattle 3/61 4.9%
Inspire 5/61 8.2%

New Average

Combining all 18 of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan 5-Cost minions, the average comes out to 3.8/4.9. In addition, there are three new Taunt minions and a few new Deathrattles, even if not all of them are a positive influence.


With the new cards, the Inspire set of minions is affected the most at a full two percent less likely to be spawned. Deathrattle and Taunt on the other hand both saw slight increases. The average minion trades a little bit of Attack for slightly more Health at 4.0/4.8.

Here are your new averages for those mechanics:

Mechanic Cards Odds Change
Taunt 10/81 12.3% +0.8%
Charge 3/81 3.7% -1.2%
Spell Damage 1/81 1.2% -0.4%
Deathrattle 5/81 6.2% +1.3%
Inspire 5/81 6.2% -2.0%


Best Cards

Honestly, it's going to be hard to ever not have DoomguardEarth Elemental, and Leeroy Jenkins be among the best cards in this mana slot. Red Mana Wyrm is a delightful surprise, however, as it's meaty enough to stay alive and poses a significant threat.

New Additions: Red Mana Wyrm

Worst Cards

Oof. This was not a good set on the bottom end of things. Previously the only bad scenarios were ones where you got a piddling 3/3 out of the portal, but now Blizzard has one-upped that with a few 2/2s including one that actually does damage to yourself.

New Additions: DoppelgangsterBomb Squad


Firelands Portal is exactly the type of card where this kind of analysis matters. There have been some big changes with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It turns out that the specific Attack and Health values are relatively unimportant, rather it's certainly good and bad cards that make a difference. Red Mana Wyrm and White Eyes can come up huge, but there's also the possibility that you get a terrible roll because of Doppelgangster or end up killing yourself with Bomb Squad. Just make sure to keep those in mind the next time you're laughing it up at how good of a removal the spell is about to be.