"Nighttime sightings of shadowy masked figures"

Another issue of The Gadgetzan Gazette has been released! Titled "Civilization Comes to the City," it talks about a new museum opening in a mansion formerly owned by Mayor Noggenfogger. Probably the most interesting note is that it mentions a jade shortage which could be due to the "nighttime sightings of shadowy masked figures leaping from rooftop to rooftop."

A world-class museum is planned to open in our beautiful city next week, elevating Gadgetzan to a city noted for its first-class culture and sophistication as well as its booming economy and bustling industry. A generous grant from the noted philanthropists, the Blackpaw family, made the purchase of one of Mayor Noggenfogger’s old mansions possible as a site for the museum, though the erstwhile abode has been updated with more understated styling, in keeping with the museum’s scholarly tone. Noggenfogger’s old manor has history of its own, as it was built over underground ruins which predated the original founding of Gadgetzan, leading some to speculate that the home may be haunted by restless spirits. A museum spokesman said they chose the site carefully, since the ruins can be used to store artifacts for study when they aren’t on display.

While Mayor Noggenfogger repudiated rumors that his former home was haunted, he remarked, “Have you seen those freaky statues the Blackpaws shipped in when they bought the place? You should ask Madam Goya if those things are haunted.” When asked about his unfounded superstitions and obvious disdain for ancient cultures, the mayor replied, “I really don’t know why I bother talking to you, lady.”

Though the museum already possesses an enormous collection of arcane artifacts, museums administrators are still soliciting new exhibits from the citizenry. Gadgetzan’ position as a trade capital has made it possible for normal citizens to put on an archaeologist’s hat in order to sift rare and interesting finds from the flow of good through the city. The museum will be offering free artifact appraisals to all museum visitors, and has announced that they will offer gold rewards and accept donations of artifacts suitable for the coming Mysteries of Pandaria exhibition. For generous citizens who choose to donate their funds, curator Madam Goya promises to credit the finder on a nifty plaque.

The museum may have difficulties putting the finishing touches on its jade exhibition. The demand for the precious green stone has gone up in Gadgetzan recently, as residents report a spate of jade curios and jewelry disappearing across the city. Could the thefts be related to nighttime sightings of shadowy masked figures leaping from rooftop to rooftop? Be sure to buy next week’s edition of the Gadgetzan Gazette to find out!