Miss mechs? Us too. Fun Card Friday should help remedy that.

With our focus on Wild this week - or attempted focus rather, as Blizzard keeps us busy with all this talk about the upcoming Year of the Mammoth - we thought it appropriate to highlight a Wild only card.

For each week's Fun Card Friday, we'll be selecting one underutilized card and create a fun and interesting deck with it. We make no promises that it'll actually be good, but it's delightful to be trying something new.

We highly encourage you to make your own decks based off of each week's cards and submit them in the comments section. We'll be sure to take a look at them and who knows, maybe they'll get mentioned next time!

This Week's Card Is: Fel Cannon

Out of all the Mechs to have ever existed, Fel Cannon is easily one of the most neglected. It never really saw play back in the Goblins vs Gnomes days largely in part because of how powerful Zoolock already was. Why bother running a version with Mechs if the deck is stronger without them?

But it's always intrigued us as an interesting card thanks to its interesting effect that deals two damage to a non-Mech minion at the end of your turn.

We took it upon ourselves to build something with it that was semi-competitive and while it's proven to actually be okay, you can sacrifice usability for coolness if you'd like.

Deck: Fel Cannon Mech Warlock - Fun Card Friday

Back to TopMechs

Most of this deck falls into one of two categories: Mechs or Zoo minions. The former brings all sorts of synergies while the latter is just troublesome, sticky minions to keep you in the game.

Fel Cannon - The card we're building this deck around.

Clockwork Gnome - Cheap one drop. Nice activator for Cogmaster.

Annoy-o-Tron - Really annoying for large minions. Great for hiding valuable threats.

Mechwarper - One of the most important cards, helps us cheat out a big board quickly.

Spider TankMechanical YetiPiloted Shredder - All solid minions that serve as decent threats.

Back to TopZoo Minions

Flame Imp - If Cogmaster is good because it can be a 1-Cost 3/2, then Flame Imp is obviously good.

Darkshire Councilman - A high health minion that grows in attack. Combos well with Imp-losion and Dr. Boom.

Imp Gang Boss - Pesky minion that spawns tokens. Technically synergizes with Fel Cannon.

Doomguard - Charge damage from the hand.

Sea Giant - Beefy minion that can sometimes be cheated out.

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But what if we don't want to be boring? What if we want to go full Fel Cannon synergy?

Hogger, Doom of Elwynn - Nothing like damaging your own minion to protect the rest of your board. Though Fel Cannon might destroy those very minions.

Grim Patron - Flood the board and let Fel Cannon do the rest.

Nerubian Egg - On an empty board, six mana for a Fel Cannon and a Nerubian. Seems good.

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We've recorded some gameplay for you below to check out as well.