Show us your best Confuse decks. Here's ours.

With the sheer number of Hearthstone cards released each year, there are always a few that get overlooked. Some are deservedly so, ahem Shadow Rager, but others are genuinely interesting despite not being the greatest. Hearthhead thinks it's time that these cards get their moment in the spotlight so we're starting a new weekly series called Fun Card Friday.

Each week, we'll be selecting one underutilized card and create a fun and interesting deck with it. We make no promises that it'll actually be good, but it's delightful to be putting something new to use.

We highly encourage you to make your own decks based off of each week's cards and submit them in the comments section. We'll be sure to take a look at them and who knows, maybe they'll get mentioned the next week!

This Week's Card Is: Confuse

The idea behind Confuse is relatively simple. Take each minion on the field and swap its Attack value with its Health value and vice versa.

Historically, this has primarily been utilized to make high health, low attack minions more vulnerable to trades, but it also enables some pretty crazy combos when you factor in Divine Spirit and Inner Fire which is what we're going to be focusing on today.

While looking for some inspiration with potential combos we happened upon Disguised Toast's Djinni Priest which is what we're featuring this week. Normally we'd make our own list, but this deck was just too much fun to pass up.

There's nothing quite like using your entire combo and ending up with 50+ damage from hand.

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As a combo deck, card draw is understandably important. There are a lot of spells that are straight up dead cards in your hand until enough come together at once. To help make up for this we run Northshire ClericPower Word: Shield, and Acolyte of Pain all of which can also help push your win condition by increasing health. But we also have Loot Hoarder to help give us something else to do in the early game.

Back to TopCombo Pieces

There are a lot of pieces which can come together in various fashions to give you lethal.

Inner Fire - Essentially required when you don't have Confuse on hand. Gives you a way to apply some early pressure when appropriate as well.

Pint-Size Potion - Mostly utilized to steal high health minions from your opponent with the next card, but can also help you clear the board when combined with Confuse.

Potion of Madness - Allows you to use your opponent's board against them. Helps out with pesky taunts and gives Djinni charge when cast.

Confuse - Allows you to quickly flip high health values into massive amounts of damage.

Divine Spirit - Required to help get those health totals into high numbers before swapping them. Great with Djinni.

Djinni of Zephyrs - Expensive, but when your spells have been discounted via Emperor Thaurissan there's a lot of damage from hand assuming you can Potion of Madness an enemy minion.

Back to TopDelaying

Staying alive is really important since you need many cards and a lot of mana. Therefore we have board clears in the form of DoomsayerWild Pyromancer, for those pesky one-health pirates, and ​Circle of Healing for Auchenai Soulpriest.

Back to TopGameplay

We've recorded some gameplay for you below to check out as well. Feel free to try it for yourself, but make sure to do so in Casual, it's not an easy deck to learn.