Mages are getting a new Secret in Knights of the Frozen Throne.

New Mage Secret was revealed by Chinese streamer Ruo Ji - Frozen Clone.

Imagine Duplicate, but instead of copying your own minion, you get your opponent's. That's what the latest Knights of the Frozen Throne card, Frozen Clone, does. The Mage secret gives your opponent a much easier way of playing around it than Duplicate did, however. Just plop down a weak minion and your opponent has that rather than two Tirion Fordrings.

Secret Mage, alongside Elemental Mage, appear to be the two archetypes Blizzard is strongly pushing in the upcoming expansion.

Glacial Mysteries was revealed late last week to some less than enthused members of the community who think it's too slow for the modern aggro/midrange archetype.

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