We recap the last week of Hearthstone news.

Another week of Hearthstone is behind us. It's been a relatively busy week on the news front with a lot of announcements coming from Blizzard itself. While we eventually touch on every single piece of news and content that we've posted this week, there are four main things that you don't want to miss.

1) The Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl is Live

The Heroic Tavern Brawl has returned and this time it is Wild format!

As per usual, entry costs a hefty 1000 gold or $9.99. Players can keep a run going until they either reach 12 wins or three losses, just like Arena.

Rewards scale with how many wins you have. We broke down the reward distribution and found that you'll break even at five wins. So if you don't think you can consistently achieve a 5-3 record, don't play, otherwise, you could lose 900 gold worth of content!

Achieve at least nine wins and you can earn three, five, or even 11 times as much value in gold as you put in!

The brawl runs until early Monday morning.

2) Hearthstone Has Surpassed 70 Million Players

Journey to Un'Goro has been an incredible success for Blizzard.

Not only did it help propel the title across 70 million players globally, but it also had more simultaneous players in a 24 hour period than ever before.

To celebrate, Blizzard has given everyone three free Un'Goro packs. Just make sure you log in before the end of May to claim them.

A little inside knowledge, you can log in on the three other servers and claim three packs on those as well.

3) Pack Odds Have Been Revealed in China

While the community as a whole has known for a very long time exactly how often Rares, Epics, and Legendaries are doled out in packs, Blizzard has confirmed the numbers in China.

In an attempt to help improve transparency, and likely reduce addiction, China now requires that all games with loot systems disclose the exact odds of getting rewards.

The verdict? A rare or better appears in every pack. On average an Epic every five packs and a Legendary every 20 packs.

We also did some investigating to see how rare golden cards are at each rarity.

4) These Are The Best Wild Decks

With all of the focus on Wild this month, it's convenient that the folks at the WildHearthstone subreddit released their Meta Tierlist.

We've rounded up the top two tiers and made them available in our deck database.

The clear winners are Pirate Warrior, Renolock, and Egg Druid.

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