We've heard your pleas! Our Forbidden Shaping guide has been updated with all Old Gods minions taken into account and we also shine the light on a few artists from the Hearthstone community.

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Prior to the release of Whispers of the Old Gods, we released a guide taking a look at the statistics behind Forbidden Shaping, looking to help viewers get an idea of what is a good mana cost to be casting it at. It's now been more than a week since 134 new cards, 102 of them minions, and the stats have been updated now that we've had a chance to see what cards are actually performing well.

We take a look at Forbidden Shaping and the likelihood that it will summon good cards at each mana cost. This guide has been updated with all Whispers of the Old Gods minions taken into account.

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/u/MonkeyZee recently posted their homemade Hearthstone card backs including Classic and Legend, but we've also dug out all of their completed works which can be viewed on their DeviantArt.

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What if Hearthstone allowed for full art cards like Magic: The Gathering does? Reddit user Avistarr imagines a full-art Bane of Doom.