Needless to say, The Opera took most players by surprise. Many were focused on the next wing of Karazhan and as a result they overlooked exactly how influential some of the new cards were going to be. Arcane Giant and Barnes obviously stole the show despite the fact that the latter was actually the one running the Opera.

But those weren't the only cards that are seeing play. Kindly Grandmother has really bolstered Midrange Hunter, and Onyx Bishop - believe it or not - has actually helped make Priest a class to compete with. Even smaller, less impactful minions such as Wicked Witchdoctor and Moat Lurker has helped bring some more reliability to Totem Shaman and Evolve Shaman, respectively.

We've gathered five of the more interesting, yet competitive decklists that are seeing play as a result. If you're looking to use a specific card, you can actually click on any Karazhan card in our database to see some decklists that use them!