So now that the first wing of Karazhan is here, you may be wondering how to best utilize the new cards. Though many have The Menagerie pegged as being the most influential wing, The Parlor brought some important cards as well! We're highlighting a few of the best decks that have resulted so far, but if you're looking to use a specific card, you can actually click on any Karazhan card in our database to see some decklists that use them!

Hunters got Cloaked Huntress which allows them to play Secrets for free and while many have been toying around with a Secret Hunter deckslist that utilizes Yogg-Saron, Hope's End, it’s Face Hunter that appears to getting the biggest boost out of this according to Firebat. He tweeted out this decklist yesterday, saying it’s a lot more refined than the alternative which runs slightly more secrets. We ran this for about two hours yesterday and climbed a few ranks up to Rank 12. It seems pretty solid and is a lot more secure with this simple addition.

Similarly, Yogg Tempo Mage got some love. Firelands Portal is an excellent way for the deck to not only control the board, but grow it, something the archetype can occasionally struggle with. Alongside the pesky Arcane Anomaly, it’s possible that this just got a lot more powerful. We gave it a shot and our first ever Firelands Portal summoned a Doomguard! Both new additions seem to function pretty well in the deck and will easily compete for a slot as we look to the future.

Paladin is probably the class most in flux at the moment. Thijs developed a Divine Shield Paladin that uses Moroes and Arcane Anomoly. Kolento meanwhile slotted Ivory Knight into an Anyfin Paladin decklist for some added healing and an extra chance at getting another Anyfin Can Happen.

As a whole, Priest of the Feast is stronger than many gave it credit for, the only issue being how crowded the four mana slot is. Kibler immediately put it in his Control Priest decklist and it's performed pretty well.

Some have been toying with a Discard Warlock list thanks to Silverware Golem, but until Malchezaar's Imp comes out, it’s pretty hamstrung.

Here are all of the decklists if you want to give them a shot! Hopefully they help you climb the ladder before next week’s release!