Who has risen and fallen in the wake of The Caverns Below nerf?

It's been just over a week since The Caverns Below was nerfed and Quest Rogue was cast into the abyss. Many were curious as to whether or not the deck could survive the ordeal, particularly because it wasn't even a top tier deck to begin with, just one that was never really fun to play against. Spoiler: It hasn't. 

Our friends at MetaStats maintain a list of archetypes sorted by win rate over the past three weeks and Quest Rogue has fallen 13 full places to 20th, now slotting in behind other niche decks like Exodia Mage and Zoolock.

So while we already know what's happened to Quest Rogue, what's happened to the meta as a result?

We examined nine days worth of data since the nerf and compared it to the data from beforehand to see how the top archetypes have shifted. We've averaged both of these values to get a more complete picture rather in hopes of eliminating some of the variance that comes with day to day stats. For perspective, MetaStats received about 356,000 games worth of data between July 1 and July 16.

Back to TopPre-Nerf Rankings

Rank Archeype Avg Popularity
1 Burn Mage 8.47%
2 Pirate Warrior 7.31%
3 Evolve Shaman 7.09%
4 Midrange Hunter 6.78%
5 Token Druid 6.32%
6 Midrange Paladin 6.09%
7 Jade Druid 5.69%
8 Secret Mage 5.34%
9 Control Priest 4.10%
10 Miracle Rogue 3.19%

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Rank Archeype Avg Popularity Popularity Change
1 (+6) Jade Druid 8.23% + 44.64%
2 (+1) Evolve Shaman 7.66% + 8.04%
3 (-1) Pirate Warrior 7.20% - 1.50%
4 (-3) Burn Mage 6.92% - 18.30%
5 (-1) Midrange Hunter 6.12% - 9.73%
6 Midrange Paladin 5.85% - 3.94%
7 (-2) Token Druid 5.76% - 8.86%
8 Secret Mage 5.59% + 4.68%
9 (+1) Miracle Rogue 5.05% + 58.31%
10 (-1) Control Priest 4.55% + 11.00%


There are a few things worth noting about these stats.

As expected, Jade Druid and Miracle Rogue are on the rise. The former because it's no longer countered by the super aggressive deck, the latter because Rogue mains are now switching over to the only other super competitive archetype.

It's should also be said that this data is still really young. Both Secret Mage and Miracle Rogue continue to climb in popularity and these numbers aren't done shifting by any means.

All of these stats were gathered from the front page of MetaStats and averaged to find the trends.