We discuss how well Blizzard has balanced cards.

2016 has been a busy year for Hearthstone and Blizzard. To kick off the new season, the developer released a bunch of card nerfs and rotated some of the most popular sets ever released into a new game mode called Wild, shifting the competitive focus to Standard where only the latest sets are used. A total of 12 cards were changed then and another batch of seven would follow about six months later. Even the latest patch, just 20 days from the last, significantly changed how Murlocs function - now buffing only yours rather than all Murlocs on the field. And prior to all this, there was, of course, all of the balance changes that took place after the game launched. FalconePunch55 examines Blizzard's track record when it comes to nerfs in our latest video and highlights two examples: Unleash the Hounds and Warsong Commander which stand on opposite ends of the spectrum.