LiquidHearth has unveiled a new Priest spell coming with Whispers of the Old Gods! Brian Kibler of the Dragon Army has also shown us another version of Deathwing!

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@bdbrode Is there any reason you guys didn't turn the new Deathwing into the uncorrupted Deathwing?
@DrumbasNL we wanted Rag to be the only "uncorrupted" minion. It's supposed to be End Times Deathwing atop Wyrmest but it's not clear.
@bdbrode I get one of the themes of WOTOG was "reimagining" existing cards but why was Deathwing's char reused without any major changes?
@chonginese He's supposed to be End Times Deathwing from atop Wyrmest, but i'm not sure we made that clear enough
@bdbrode A minor suggestion: Instead of having 2 Deathwings, you should rename Deathwing, Dragonlord -> Neltharion (the Earth-Warder).
@WildMarquis the idea was that we were showing deathwing from end time, not uncorrupted Deathwing.

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