Blizzard provides an inside look at some numbers from the Hearthstone Global Games.

With the Hearthstone Global Games behind us, Blizzard has released an infographic summarizing the event and providing some cool statistics. Among them, is the fact that Druid had the highest win rate of any class at 54.69%, edging out the likes of Hunter and Warrior.

Here are some other fun facts (skip these if you would rather just view the infographic):

  • 48 countries competed in the Hearthstone Global Games.

  • The prize pool was $332,000.

  • Druid was the most successful class at a 54.69% win rate.

    • Hunter had 54.05%.

    • Warrior had 52.61%.

  • There were 2,345 games in the entire tournament.

  • A whopping 37 Jade Idols were cast in a single game.

  • Fire Fly, Acolyte of Pain, and Tar Creeper were the most popular Neutral cards.


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Blizzard Entertainment 11/09/2017

The first-ever Hearthstone Global Games wrapped up at gamescom 2017 recently, where we saw some of the best players on the planet throw down for national glory. The event was tons of fun—over 15 weeks, 48 countries battled it out with innovative decks across all nine Hearthstone classes.

As the dust settled, we took a closer look at the tournament, shuffling through every match played to draw some insights. Check out our infographic below to find out what we discovered!