One of Hearthstone's biggest inconsistencies is finally being addressed.

If you've hearing quiet rumblings around the inn lately, it might just be because of folks like DisguisedToast who have been pushing for consistency across Hearthstone's many cards. From the small problems like word selection to larger ones like Druid of the Claw, there has long been a passionate group of proponents for quicker changes to matters such as these.

It's been more than a year since Blizzard released a Designer Insights video talking about inconsistency in Hearthstone and even longer since it first acknowledged the problem. But finally, a few days ago, Game Director Ben Brode has confirmed that an "upcoming patch" - presumably the one it has since announced for this month - will "adjust Druid of the Claw's wording."

The entire problem revolves around the chosen phrasing. You see, Druid of the Claw is a transform card, not a buff card. There is a key difference in that the former can't be silenced off of it, the latter can.

Druid of the Claw is more like Druid of the Flame or Druid of the Saber. The minion literally transforms into one of two tokens and a silence won't change that. However, Druid of the Claw has the same phrasing as Ancient of War which simply gains five attack or five health via a buff that can absolutely be removed by cards like Ironbeak Owl.

It has particularly been a pain point for new players who are still trying to learn the intricacies of Hearthstone and will find themselves stumbling over deviations like this.

During a special live streamed version of Developer Insights, Brode explained that improving the situation is an ongoing process with every expansion saying consistency is important, but not the "prime concern." He believes that as long as players understand how cards actually work it's technically okay, but the team does want to be better about it moving forward.