Be like the dragon master himself, Brian Kibler, with the latest Kobolds card.

Blizzard has sent out an email with the Mage Legendary from Kobolds & Catacombs. It's called Dragoncaller Alanna and she summons a 5/5 Dragon for each 5-Cost or higher spell that you've cast in the game.

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I was reluctant to call it good until I’ve seen the newest reveal – Dragon's Fury (you can check out my review for that card here). Now everything starts to make much more sense.

First of all, Big Spells Mage looks better and better. I’m still not sure if the deck will actually be viable, but they’ve pushed so many tools that it might as well be. Between Spiteful Summoner, Arcane Tyrant, Raven Familiar, Dragoncaller Alanna and Dragon's Fury it might actually make sense to make a deck running only 4+ mana spells and take advantage of all of those effects. I will surely try to play that, even though it might not work well in the end.

But another thing is that now, with Dragon’s Fury, you might want to run this in a regular Control Mage too. If you run 2x Fury, 2x Firelands Portal, and then a mix of Blizzard, Meteor and Flamestrike to fill the rest of “removal slots”, that’s like 6-7 big spells already. Which mean that you should be able to make it summon three Dragons quite consistently, possibly even more in some games.

And that’s actually a pretty good board fill in the late game. Summoning three 5/5’s and a 3/3 is a 18/18 of stats in total. While it’s more susceptible to AoE clears, it’s bad against single target removals. It can win you some of the games just like that if your opponent has no way to clear all of them.

It’s a bit like N’Zoth, but for big spells. Honestly, N’Zoth is better, because Deathrattle minions are more resistant to clears. So why not run N’Zoth instead of this card? Well, because in order to make N’Zoth work you want to play multiple Deathrattle minions In your deck, and that’s just not something a Mage deck wants right now. It’s better in the Wild, with cards like Mad Scientist or Sylvanas Windrunner, but in Standard it just doesn’t work. This, on the other hand, can work.

So maybe you could also play it in a Control Mage as another finisher? It’s a bit similar to Medivh, the Guardian, in a way that it combos well with high spells. But unlike Medivh, which is a very low tempo play at the beginning, this goes all-in right away. Which can be good on bad depending on the situation and the deck you’re playing against.

One big advantage of this card is that it summons Dragons. While it doesn’t count for any Dragon synergies, it means that Dragonfire Potion can’t clear the board. Priest can still Psychic Scream or Shadowreaper Anduin it, but it’s one big AoE removal that would commonly counter it gone.

This is especially a good follow-up to a board clear involving Doomsayer. You can play Frost Nova/Blizzard + Doomsayer one turn and then if it goes off, drop this. Either your opponent clears or you win the game. And if your opponent clears, you still have the initiative.

The main problem with this card is obviously the lack of impact for a high mana cost, which makes it very bad against Aggro and even some Midrange decks. If you’re behind and you play it, you risk just dying (or at least getting your Ice Block popped). At 9 mana, you expect your minions to do something more right away – have Taunt, heal you, remove something etc. Even N’Zoth decks usually include Taunt Deathrattles for the same reason. Does it disqualify it from play completely? I wouldn’t say so. It’s not like every single card in your deck has to be an option that’s great vs Aggro. Deathwing, Dragonlord also isn’t good against Aggro, Cairne Bloodhoof which is played by many decks is not good against Aggro, Medivh, the Guardian is not good against Aggro etc.

The power of this card will be heavily tied to the speed of the meta. In a fast meta, you definitely don’t want to play it. In a slower one, it would make much more sense, as you wouldn’t die right after playing it. Even if it was cleared by a big AoE, it would still be 1 for 1, and especially in a Big Mage you would have more ways to flood the board.

So in the end, my guess would be – Big Spells Mage would want to run it, regular Control Mage would not. But will the Big Spells Mage be an actual deck? That’s hard to say.

Card rating: 2.5/5

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