Following the publishing of his interview with IGN, game designer Mike Donais took to the Reddit comments to further clarify some points that arose in the comments. Since then Blizzard has formally announced the next wave of card changes including ones mentioned in his comments.


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Hope you guys like the interview. If you read it carefully we talk about a lot of important things. Shamans, Yogg, Call of the Wild, and long term design goals for priest and rogue (these will take time of course).

We don't talk about Tournament mode, that isn't the kind of thing we would announce in a press interview.

We have really good stats and we talk a lot about how to safely use the stats. Blizzard has a lot of experts that create stats for us, and we even have a Hearthstone designer with a stats degree (Max).

Near the end we talk a bit about the current and future state of arena.

Myself and the other designers work really hard to make each set fun and cool. But we also learn with each set what you guys like and don't like. Keep telling us what your favorite cards are and why and we will keep making cards like those. Thanks.
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Glad you liked it. Sometimes it is tough to do these interviews because when we have something big and final to announce we usually do it through a blog, so these interviews are usually when we are not 100% yet, or we are waiting on a blog so that we can be super clear with our goals and intentions.
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We know Tuskarr Totemic is a card people don't like because of the swingy randomness. Hopefully we can not only address that, but also learn from it going forward.


After a user made a few suggestions including making it so that Yogg-Saron, Hope's End can only cast spells until it dies, Thing from Below only gets cost reduction while in hand, and Tuskarr Totemic can only summon Basic totems, Donais admitted they were "great suggestions" and said might just test some of the ideas out. Sure enough, those were among the exact changes that would be announced just two days later.

When a reader commented on the trickiness of Rogue and Priest Donais expanded on his previous answer:

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Awesome. As a caveat, it isn't just one set, but a design philosophy going forward. So over time we hope to continue to give priests a few cards in each set that follow that design. We will still give them some cards that help other deck types. This lets people choose how to build and play priest.


We'll have to see how the Hearthstone meta adjusts following the card changes. There's certainly going to be some movement now that the relative power of Shamans, Hunters, and certain Warrior decks are being decreased.