Mike Donais offers some reassurance to the community.

We've known that Hearthstone's Journey to Un'Goro would add a new Elemental tribe since the expansion was announced about three weeks ago. On Monday, Senior Designer Mike Donais published a Hearthside Chat explaining Blizzard's design process and detailing which of the previously released cards would be updated to have the tribe. The final list is only 18 cards deep which has left many wondering why certain minions weren't included and Donais has been busy responding to the community as a result.

Some cards like Rumbling Elemental were mentioned in the initial announcement but are now mysteriously missing. Others like Mana Geode and Hallazeal the Ascended are Elementals by lore but aren't currently slated to be included.

But that's not all Donais has been talking about. He also discloses the fact that there's an upcoming minion that is "quite good" in Hand Buff Paladin and admits that the yet to be revealed Mage quest is his favorite of the nine.


  • Blizzard didn't list Elemental tokens because Elemental synergy requires them to be "played" and not "summoned."

  • There's an upcoming Paladin minion that is "quite good" with Hand Buff Paladin.

  • The Mage quest legendary is his favorite of the nine.

  • If Sherazin is copied by Unearthed Raptor it will function as you'd expect and summon a seed when it dies.

    • Feign Death will instantly transform your minion into seed form.

  • Quests can be completed twice, but only one may be active at a time.

    • Can do this by mulliganing it and then somehow getting a copy from your deck before you draw it.

  • Card reveals are only taking place on weekdays this time around.


Back to TopWhy don't Am'gam Rager, Shadow Rager, Flame of Azzinoth, and Twilight Elemental have the Elemental tag?

This list is just collectible cards. There are also a few cards like Twilight Elemental that will summon an elemental.

Keep in mind that this mechanic triggers on PLAYING an elemental not SUMMONING an elemental so Twilight Elemental and Flame of Azzinoth will not help (they are summoned).

Back to TopWhat if one of them gets sent back to your hand?

The non-collectibles are not on this list, but they are still elementals in the game.

This list is just the collectibles that are elementals.

Back to TopWhy isn't Mana Geode an Elemental? Geodes are Elementals in WoW.

I don't know off hand. I will ask about it. Thanks.

Back to TopAccording to lore Djinni of Zephyrs, Hallazeal, Jade Spirit, and Mana Geode are Elementals too.

Thanks, I will pass these along and we will decide what to do!


Back to TopDonais on Paladin cards working against hand buffs.

There is actually a minion that is quite good with Hand buff in the set.


Back to TopDonais comments on the yet to be revealed Mage Quest.

Actually the mage quest is my favorite one!

They are also one of the classes that naturally get Elementals since they are famous for that sort of thing.

This is in addition to the one off cards like the Arcanologist.


Back to TopCould you possibly complete a Quest twice?

Yes, you can mulligan your quest away and then Shadow Visions to get it and then complete it. However you can only have one quest in play at a time.

Quests can't be found from random outside of game effects but cards like Mind Vision or Thoughtsteal can find them.


Back to TopHow does Sharazin interact with Unearthed Raptor and Feign Death?

The seed grows into a new Sherazin.

If you play Sherazin and then play Feign Death - The Sherazin dies. You are left with just the Seed.


Back to TopWhen are card reveals taking place?

The reveals are on week days only. With all the different Time zones that means pretty soon.

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