Dog let us rehost his popular Fatigue Warrior guide. Possibly the hardest deck in the game right now.

There are many meta decks that you can face on the ladder. But then, once in a while, you play against something unique and you just don't know what to do against it. Or maybe you want to play an interesting, off-meta deck? How about one of the hardest, if not THE hardest deck in the current meta? We definitely have something for you.

A popular pro player and streamer Dog is known for his innovative deck building. One of his inventions you've definitely heard about were the early versions of Quest Rogue from Un'Goro. More recently, in Knights of the Frozen Throne, he was experimenting a lot with Warrior, and to be more specific with one particular card - Dead Man's Hand. While initially reviewed as very weak, it turned out to have a solid niche, in the decks that want to cycle through every card and then keep "going infinite", or copying their hand over and over again, thus never taking fatigue damage or running out of resources.

One of those decks is Fatigue Warrior (also called Mill Warrior, or Dead Man's Hand Warrior). It's one of the only successful Fatigue decks in the game, and it's also insanely hard to master. Not only you have to know your whole deck through and through, but you also need to understand every matchup you're playing in (since you will want to fatigue your opponent, knowing most of the cards in their deck is absolutely necessary.

If you're hooked and you want to test it, but you're worried that you might not know how to play it, worry no longer. Dog, author of the deck, has recently written a guide and posted it on reddit at /r/CompetitiveHS. We've also rehosted the same guide on our site, and it comes with all the tools like HSReplays stats or copying the deck code straight into the game.

You can check out the guide here: Fatigue Warrior Guide - Frozen Throne Deck List (September 2017)

And while we're at it, make sure to tune into the Dog's stream at Twitch (@hsdogdog) and follow him on Twitter (@Liquid_hsdog).