Depending on how long you've been around the Hearthstone scene, you've probably seen a few patch notes released by Blizzard when it pushes updates or hotfixes. The posts are notoriously short, full of humor, and mostly focus on what's new rather than what's been fixed. Because of this sites like ours or community sites like Reddit are oftentimes the first to notice undocumented additions or changes. In a competitive card game, some view this as unacceptable.

As DisguisedToast explains, interactions that suddenly change have an impact on the way people play and perceive the game. And without official word as to whether something has been fixed, players are simply left wondering whether Blizzard actually fixed the issue or just introduced another bug. In his latest video, he discusses how the latest hotfix doesn't bother to list all of the cases that were actually fixed and instead just says one specific interaction now works properly.

Do we actually need better patch notes more akin to Heroes of the Storm and other MOBAs where developers are very specific about what has been changed? Or is this all being overblown since the community can pretty quickly discover what's been altered?