Should you disenchant that new Gadgetzan epic? Find out in our new guide.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is approaching the finish line of its second full month in Standard play. Hearthstone players frequently ask us what cards are worth keeping and which ones are better off disenchanted and turned into something else.

While there are certainly commons and rares that aren't necessary to own and can theoretically be gotten rid of, they're less expensive and as a result less significant. We'll be evaluating both the Gadgetzan epics and legendaries instead, offering insight as to why certain cards are worth keeping, considering, or flat out dusting on the spot.

We've done our best to properly sort each card, but do keep in mind that the meta could shift and cards can suddenly change in usefulness. And that's before you even consider the fact that new sets could potentially increase or decrease the power level of each of these cards.

We highly doubt that any of these cards would see nerfs come the next Standard rotation, but do keep in mind that Blizzard will almost assuredly make changes to Basic/Classic cards, so you might want to save those up for maximum value.

It's also worth noting that a collector should probably not disenchant epics at all. With so much priority placed on crafting legendaries, it's actually epics that end up being the hardest to acquire. For us, it remains true that we're missing many more epic cards than we are legendaries.

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Under no circumstances should you disenchant these cards. They're either already seeing a ton of play or likely will in the near future.

Dirty Rat - Essential for any kind of Reno Jackson deck at the moment thanks to combos with Mind Control TechBrann Bronzebeard, and hard removal. Nothing quite like forcing that C'Thun out of hand and immediately killing it with Shadow Word: Death.

Manic Soulcaster - Required for Reno Mage decks which love getting a second Reno Jackson or Kazakus.

Dragonfire Potion - Super valuable board clear for either the control oriented Reno Dragon Priest or the midrange Dragon Priest.

Small-Time Recruits & Meanstreet Marshal - Both seem like they should be good cards, but Paladin is in a relatively rough spot right now. Given enough support for a faster Paladin in future sets, these should be must haves.

Rat Pack - One of the strongest Hunter cards released in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It's already seeing some play now, but it should see more going forward if the health of the class climbs.

Burgly Bully - A neat experimental card. Reno Mage is currently overshadowing Tempo Mage and we don't yet know what will happen to the archetype when Flamewaker rotates out, but Burgly Bully could be a good card for it.

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These are borderline cards that aren't really seeing any kind of play at the moment, but they could if the meta shifts or if they're buffed by subsequently released cards or the upcoming Standard rotation.

Finders Keepers - This spell should be good, but Shaman as a whole is so strong that even this sees zero play whatsoever. Once the Standard rotation hits we expect players will start experimenting with this a little more.

Mana Geode - Too slow for today's meta, but if it shifts, could potentially be a good card.

Sleep with the Fishes - Warriors are too fast at the moment for this but imagine having this back when Grim Patron was frequently played. Fill the board, injure them all, wipe them out.

Brass Knuckles - Saw some play when it first came out and may see some play in the future if the meta slows down.

Lotus Illusionist - Seems like it should be an okay card, but there's just not enough room to test it out in current builds.

Lotus Assassin - A pain in the butt in the Arena, that's for sure. We aren't certain whether this will ever be good or not, but we're currently erring on the side of caution.

Greater Arcane Missiles - Expensive, but extremely powerful. Mage should go through a lot of evolution in the next year and this might fit in somewhere.


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All of these cards have a gimmick at their core or just aren't competitive enough to see play unless they get a significant amount of support in the next set.

Weasel Tunneler - Gimmick.

Blubber Baron - Too slow/weak.

Fel Orc Soulfiend - Too resource intensive, keeps you from curving out correctly when you have to focus on healing it.

Pilfered Power - There's a world where this is okay with Living Roots into Coin into this, but just seems too unreliable when Druid already has solid ramping tools.

Unlicensed Apothecary - Players thought this might be good in Demonlock or even Renolock, but it turns out that the downside is far too likely to activate.

Lunar Visions - Expensive and only discounts minions.

Piranha Launcher - Not really something Hunters are currently interested in.

Defias Cleaner - Too targeted.

Fight Promoter - Too weak.

Kabal Trafficker - Probably too slow at the moment. We tried making this work in a Wild Demonlock list but there's always a better play.

Leatherclad Hogleader - Solid stats, but probably relegated to the Arena.

Luckydo Buccaneer - We honestly feel like this effect isn't asking for too much, but Rogues rarely have weapons that strong these days.

Wind-up Burglebot - Too slow/weak.