There's no disguised toast in World of Warcraft, but there is something astonishingly close.

Our friends over at Wowhead have alerted us about an update now live on the Public Test Realm that adds some more Hearthstone content including one that could be a reference to everyone's favorite streaming slice of bread, Disguised Toast.

Ogre's aren't really fit to be Rogues, hence the joke that is Ogre Ninja, but an NPC named Dagg has taken up the mantle, hiding in a pool with accompanying turtles and a shell on his head. His buff? Dis Guy's a Turtle, likely a reference to SI:7 Agent's, "This guy's toast," line from which Disguised Toast was derived from.

He continues to show up throughout World of Warcraft expansions as a rogue even though it makes no sense whatsoever, he's far from being stealthy and maybe trying a bit too hard.

We can't say the same for his companions, though.

The Shaman section of the area isn't too far away and has a Hearthstone board for NPCs to keep busy with, but it's currently being used by two stealthed Rogues: Jasper Fel and Don Alvarado. Maybe the Shaman's are too busy focusing on going face to notice what's right in front of their own.


They were nice enough to whip us up a Hearthstone Elemental Pet though, new in the latest Warcraft build.

For more information, keep up with all the latest Warcraft patches on Wowhead.