DowPwn talks about being a professional Hearthstone player.

With his 4 - 3 victory over Tarei last night, newcomer DocPwn secured a seed at the upcoming Hearthstone World Championship. He's had a quick rise to success as a relatively unknown name just a few months ago. Now members of the community are rallying around him and hoping that they'll see him more consistently. However, in interviews, the quarterfinalist remains realistic about his accomplishments, refusing to say he's going to be competing more often.

His age remains a popular topic of conversation, "I think [winning this] would affect me less than someone that's younger because someone 19 or 20 years old, they have a lot of opportunities ahead of them, you know? I still have [opportunities too] but I have a job and I'm working 35 hours a day," he chuckles, quickly realizing that there aren't enough hours in the day for that.

"35 hours a week."

"Maybe [this is] going to be life changing, of course, it's big money and stuff, but as for the career thing I don't know, the future will tell but I'm not sure.

"Hard to tell for now.

"Of course I'll see what people offer, if there are any, I'll look at it."

Full-time play doesn't seem too likely based on his tone and hesitancy to outright say yes, but he admits he'll field any offer he gets as a result of his performance.

"I like my job. I like doing this also, but more as a side thing than a main thing.

"I'm not sure [about anything] the real answer is, 'I don't know.'

"I'm still open to any kind of pro gaming way of life, but I'll have to look at it in detail and see how it would fit in my life."

Luckily Hearthstone is a game that doesn't discriminate based on age. Others like League of Legends require peak performance which DocPwn says usually happens around 24 years of age when those kinds of players begin retiring.

"There's always opportunities. If you have the commitment to do it, whatever your age is [you're okay].

"This is a card game, it's not Starcraft where you have to have reflexes and stuff. So older people can still manage - if they work hard at it - learn and be competitive. They don't start with an advantage, that's for sure, but if they're talented enough they can go to the prelims and stuff. If they have time to do that and have the commitment to do so, that age group of players can definitely be represented in this kind of championship."

DocPwn also acknowledged the fatigue factor which we discussed with him earlier in the day describing himself as "brain dead" after the gruelingly long day.

That said, he was excited about taking on Fr0zen in the Quarterfinals.

"It's not much about US versus Canada," he says regarding the two player's nationalities, "I'm very happy that Fr0zen won his match.

"Going to Worlds with him is going to be nice. I'm happy for America that we have two representatives there.

"Fr0zen is going to be a hard matchup for sure. He's practicing a lot, he's a great player, he's among the greatest player I know, maybe the best player here now.

"It's going to be a hard matchup again."