"Early April" is still the official release date of Journey to Un'Goro.

Some Hearthstone players have been a bit confused this week thanks to a slight mix up in Blizzard's messaging. The official Journey to Un'Goro announcement said the new set would release in early April while the free pack awarded from the special Encounter at the Crossroads Tavern Brawl says mid-April. So which one is it? A tweet from Game Director Ben Brode says it's still the former despite what packs in the game itself might say.

"Early April," Brode says when asked about the conflicting messages.

Blizzard itself is preparing for tomorrow's special stream where Senior Designer Peter Whalen and Twitch Streamer Sean "Day9" Plott will host a kick-off stream which will start Un'Goro's card reveal season.

Four cards have been revealed thus far, including one that was accidentally leaked just after the set's announcement.