Blizzard wants to improve Fireside Gatherings around the world.

Yesterday, Blizzard revealed future plans to more heavily support Hearthstone's Fireside Gatherings. The in-person events have long been considered and important part of the game's community, but many believe they've been malnourished for some time. Senior Game Designer Pat Nagle released a new Designer Insights talking about some improvements that are on the way.

  • Location detection so Blizzard knows you're physically at an event.
  • Special Fireside Brawls which are only available at Fireside Gatherings.
  • New options for hosts including banners with names, insignias, frames, and a background.


Designer Insights: Fireside Gatherings 

Originally posted by Blizzard.

Designer Insights: Fireside Gatherings

Fireside Gatherings are becoming bigger and better in the Year of the Mammoth! Watch the video below to find out how we’re working on making it even easier to get together and play Hearthstone with your friends. 


Pat Nagle from the Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings team is here to talk about what’s in store for the future in this video below. 

We hope to see you in the Tavern soon! 


* All footage shown in the video is in development and is subject to change. 

** Players may see certain Fireside Gathering features show up in-game as the testing process continues.