Southeast Asia now has its shot at Hearthstone's Priest hero skin.

Just this Monday we posted about Blizzard's reassurance that Tyrande Whisperwind would be made available in Twitch Prime ineligible countries. Progress has already been made since then with Southeast Asia now able to get their hands on the Priest skin, but it'll still cost you a significant amount of real world money.

The skin itself is available between now and February 10th and requires players to purchase a 40-pack bundle which carries a $49.99 price point over here in the States.

Make sure to meet the following requirements otherwise, you will either waste your money or miss out on the skin altogether:

  • Your country of residence must be set to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam or the Philippines to qualify for this promotion.

  • The 40-pack item must be a single purchase from Classic or Expansion sets. Cumulative purchases do not qualify for this promotion.

  • The Tyrande-skin will be granted to your account by February 28th, 2017.


Click here to see the details on Blizzard's official site.