We've been digging through Hearthstone's files since League of Explorers came out a few weeks ago where we first saw files that mentioned a deckbuilding Tavern Brawl. Since then we've found images from upcoming Tavern Brawls and even more references to Deckbuilding, Pick Your Fate, and Gift Exchange.

Today we have a few more treats for your eyes including what appears to be a Tavern Brawl that revolves around the concept of a team. Based on the phrasing Blizzard uses in their files, the deckbuilding brawl has now been all but confirmed by Blizzard.
FIRSTPICKTHREE??Pick a new card for your hand.
FIRSTCARDPLAYED??When you play a card, shuffle a copy into your deck.
FIRSTENDTURN??Now return your hand to your deck and redraw.
STARTOFGAME??Build your team as you play! Good luck!


Along with that, you may be wondering what those 2/2 Runt tokens look like that are spawned by Wobbling Runts.

Well here they are: Grumbly Runt, Rascally Runt, and Wily Runt. We've also got some higher resolution artwork from the games files!