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On this week's Hearthstone Deck Tech, Spacewizard showcases his new 'Nether Restoration' Warlock deck. With this deck, you can stall your opponent deep into the late game with a combination of the Warlock's field wide destruction spell, Twisting Nether, and an assortment of health restoration effects. Budget alternatives for all but two of the legendaries in the deck have been provided in the budget decklist.

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The following balance change will be made in an upcoming patch:

  • Unleash the Hounds (Hunter) now costs 3 (up from 2)

Over the last few months, we have seen hundreds of different decks do well in game depending on many different factors. Our community is incredibly creative, and we’ve seen players constantly trying out new things and coming up with new strategies to counter whatever decks they have trouble with.

At the very highest levels of play there are a lot of different decks performing well, and the decks at the top change from week to week. Since we’ve seen many cards and deck types in the current state of the game rise and fall as players adapt, we did not want to change Unleash the Hounds immediately. However, Hunter decks have become increasingly more dominant and are doing better than we are comfortable across many levels of play.

We do like the idea of decks that have a really big turn and pull off a sweet combo, but when playing against Hunter decks, you may feel punished too much for playing minions. Playing minions is one of the key, fun pieces of the overall Hearthstone puzzle, and feeling like your options are limited by the opponent creates a play experience that may not be particularly enjoyable.

We take any balance changes very seriously, and we will continue to hold true to our stance that we plan on only making changes to cards if we feel it is completely necessary. After much consideration we have decided to increase the mana cost of Unleash the Hounds to 3. This change should make the card more fun to play against while still allowing for some big plays.

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Ready your paintbrushes and sharpen those pencils (digitally, of course), because we’ve got a Hearthstone poster contest that may just be right up your alley!

We’re challenging all artists out there to come up with your best idea for a Hearthstone on iPad® propaganda poster. If you were to show off all of the fun of being able to play Hearthstone on the go and wrap it up into a poster-sized package, what would it look like? What would really grab people’s attention if they saw your poster on the street? Would you suggest that the masses OBEY . . . and play another round of Hearthstone on the iPad? Or would it maybe include pictures of adorable murlocs running their cute little three-fingered hands over an iPad screen? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Participants must design and create their own poster, themed to promote Hearthstone on the iPad in a funny, serious, or other attention-grabbing way—it’s up to you! Poster submissions need to be at least 1024x768 and no bigger than 5MB. Entries limited to one per person. The contest will run from April 17, 2014 to May 15, 2014, and top selections will be made by a panel of Blizzard judges. These top entries will then be uploaded to the Hearthstone Facebook page, where the player community will get to decide which poster they think has the most Hearthstoney goodness. The top three posters with the most “Likes” at the end of the voting period will win an iPad Air™!

Go forth and create a beautiful masterpiece of your own! Submit your entries today to

View the full rules of the contest" class="bml-link-url2">here!

For contests in the European regions, please go" class="bml-link-url2">here![/html]

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