Many thanks to Tophs for giving us permission to post his complete Reno Jackson Hunter deck guide! We've decided to feature it today with this article functioning as an introduction to the deck with even more information to be found in the complete deck guide which is linked at the bottom.
The entire concept of this deck is that it is flexible. You can choose to play either as an aggressive Mid-Range Hunter, or you can control for the late game, depending on the matchup.

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Playing Control Style: You control the early game with some early game drops that have strong value, and eventually overwhelm your opponent with strong late game minions such as Dr. Boom, Sylvanas, Savannah Highmane, Ragnaros, and Arch-Thief Rafaam. (You might prefer other legendaries, up to you. Results may vary) The part of the deck that makes this deck work is Reno Jackson, who causes the biggest of swings around turn 6-8 when aggro decks are usually trying to finish you off. That being said, there is some inconsistency, as having bad draw against an aggro deck can sometimes cost you the game, especially if you don't draw Reno Jackson. But when you draw well, and especially if you draw Reno Jackson, you will simply destroy aggro decks.

Playing Mid-Range Style: Against decks that are clearly late game oriented such as Warriors and Priests, you can play this deck like a mid-range deck, using the Hunter Hero Power to steadily drop your enemy's health to 0, while throwing out powerful mid-range minions to wreck your opponent. This play style is best against super late game decks, fatigue decks, and so on.

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I find this deck to have some difficulty against the super duper late game decks with powerful removal, such as Control Priest and some odd bursty decks like Freeze Mage and Murloc Paladin, but to be very strong against Aggro and Mid-Range Decks.

The surprise factor of this deck is also strong. Players usually don't expect healing a Hunter deck, and will sometimes try to take risks to lower your health to setup for lethal, and then you can play Reno and ruin all their plans. Muahahaha.

A note on Sir Finley Mrrglton: If you're playing against fast decks, go for the Druid, Priest, and Warrior hero power. If you're playing against slow decks, go for Warlock and Paladin hero powers.

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